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I was wondering if i'm doing my LSR's too fast, current i'm aiming for a 4:15 or better on my marathon time and am averaging 6:25 per km on my long slow runs, is this too fast?


  • Yeah too fast. You are running a 4.30 pace there and if you're aiming for 4.15 - that will take too much out of you.
  • I would say it sounds like its too fast?  The training pace calculator I used gave me a long slow run pace of 7:05 to 7:55 per km. My marathon time would be similar to yours (about 4:30). However I am struggling to get this slow so far, my slow pace has been about 6:30 per km. I'm hoping I can slow my LSR pace down as I build the distance up. Today when I was trying to run around 7:30 per km I felt like I was basically walking while doing the actions of running.

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    Cheers, so what kind of time should i be aiming at?  Something around 6:45 or slower than that? i think i can safely say that my maths skills need to be improved on

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    SimonH: didnt see this response until i'd replied, any tips for keeping pace? i find that i end up getting distracted by the countryside/music/people and keep an erratic pace because of it

  • The RW calculator says long run pace of 6.44 to 7.35.

    Personally I would err on the slower side.
  • Where I run there are markers in the floor every 500m so I have been running and using these with my watch. It's about the most accurate way I can do it for now but I have got my eye on a GPS watch which do keep pace very well. I know there are apps for the phone - I have used the Nike+ app on my iPhone which you can get to give audio feedback every 250m, 500m or 1km, etc but I'm not overly sure as to how accurate that is? I suppose its probably accurate enough for training runs, but I do like the markers in the floor!

  • If you have an iPhone - use a free gps app ? I like strava running.

    My Nike+ was pants. Gps is far better.
  • According to the McMillan race calculator your long runs should be between 5.59 - 6.46.  Im never really sure what to believe.  If you ran at 5:59 you would be beating your race goal in training which seems wrong, but from what ive read its a pretty well respected race calc.

  • Simon if you're intending on buying GPS find one that does HR and run to 70% max HR. Simples

  • You do have to do a max heart rate test first though. Not quite so simples !
  • I wish my problem was making my slow runs slow enough image

    I dream of running at under 8 min per km nevermind jealous!

    Good luck!!

  • Simon/cougie this fetch article explains it

  • Thank you postie I have bookmarked this for future use. I have had a quick read through it and it does look interesting, though this is an area I have not yet looked in to at all at this point.

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