Is 13:38 a competitive 5k time for 16 year old



  • Would it have been worth inviting him to Birmingham yesterday.

    To see if  could he have pushed Mo Farah at any stage in the 5000m ?

    It'd have been a great learning experience for the youngster...image

  • It would have been a great learning experience for MO - remember Matt up to now has run alone - what he could achieve in a field of world class runners with a crowd chanting his name as he floats effortlessly at the front of the pack who knows - but I am pretty sure a sub 13 time would have been on the cards.

  • Grendel: Mo could have sussed Matt out and found if this' teenage distance sensation' would have possibly given him any trouble in the near future.

     What you stated above actually sounds similar to what Zola Budd had to experience back in 1984.

    I hope that Matt will learn quickly about pack running and getting 'boxed in' etc. He won't have experienced that yet, certainly not at any age grouping or very probably any Senior races

  • Haven't looked on this thread for days!! Matt still hasn't commented.

    wind up I think.

  • Well, he's had 3 days rest - he should blitz it today, he might even go sub 13! image

  • Will decent pacemakers be provided for this sub 13 attempt ?

    I hope so...

  • To summarise then; this is one of two things:

    - Utter trolling.
    - A genuine mix-up of 3.1 KM and 3.1 miles followed by a healthy dusting of self-delusion.

  • That should be three things

    - he is a teen prodigy and everything he has told us is true

  • I deliberately left that option out. Someone who runs those world-record beating times would not come on here and ask "Wondering whether I should seriously take up running."

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    All this makes my original reply seem positively benign.

  • Have enjoyed this threadimage

  • I'm half tempted to PM him image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    This thread is starting to look a lot like the Barton Runner one.

    I don't think we will be seeing Matt at the next Olympics.
  • I wouldn't rule it out Millsy - there's always an opportunity for a streaker at sporting events image

  • No news eh ?

    Has Tom given us a hench update yet ?

    Matt could learn a lesson from him - that guy was prepared to die in order to get his 1.10 half. That's the attitude you need.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    He was prepared to die to meet his aim.

    But then that changed about a week later when injury number 1 came along.

  • I'm just wondering if Matt thought he was on a General Cycling Forum with his 5k time of 13:38...

  • Blimey, you wouldn't want him stood next to you at the gates of Stalingrad would you? 


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    didnt soon to be hench Tom twist his ankle,  that can proper hurt that can.  In fact it probably hurts more than dieing. 

  • birkmyre wrote (see)

    I'm just wondering if Matt thought he was on a General Cycling Forum with his 5k time of 13:38...


    I can remember when i started cycling in 2008 a couple of days after the london marathon......I thought i was bombing along on my hybrid on the taff trail.......then it occured to me that the men winning the london marathon were running faster than i was cycling and were going longer.........

    it made me reaslise just how fast these men runimageimage

  • Seren: Good shout mate.


  • It was Mo. He told me.

  • Steven:He might be a pacemaker in a big US autumn marathon, say Chicago or New York.


    Oh no, he's too young to even run a Half Marathon at 16 years...

  • Either Matt's suddenly gone off running or he found that track - and that track found him!

    Or maybe, y'know, he's just busy with the whole 4th of July thing n'all...imageimage

  • Scream: I think athletes of that potential and calibre have more to do than post on here...

    He's probably been in talks with Phil Knight of Nikeimage


  • Well that's the other possibility image

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