I am 38 years old weigh 11st and have been running most of my life. I also cycle and play five a side football.
However over the past 6 months I have had constant achilles pain, mainly first thing in the morning. The pain does ease off afer about 5 mins into a run.

I am currently taking anti inflammatories and Glucosamine tablets.
I am also using ice and doing stretching exercises. However the pain is still there. Has anyone got any furthur miracle cures I can try??

All the best

Pete Shields


  • Hi Pete,

    If I were you I'd get along to a physio asap, before it becomes chronic or - even worse - you tear something. You may have a biomechanical problem that orthotics would help to clear up, and/or it may be that you'd benefit from some specialised stretches, or even just from a particular sort of shoe. A physio with running expertise is in the best position to advise you. I developed an achilles problem and it's just beginning to clear up over the last month, since I began to use custom orthotics. Best of luck :)
  • Hi Pete
    I've also suffered from sore achilles recently and like you they hurt most in the mornings. I looked closely at my shoes and because the padding around the achilles was so stiff and high decided to slit them open, remove the padding and make them more flexible. The results have been encouraging and the pain has all but disappeared.
  • Hi Pete,

    I've had bilateral achilles tendonitis for nearly a year and after struggling doing 'self help' (we all do it and we know we shouldn't!), I went to a podiatrist who made me some orthotics. The pain slowly started to ease but not quick enough for my liking. Then a physio friend of mine got her hands on them and did specific massage. I am not joking when I say I hit the roof with pain! BUT the next!! the pain was MUCH less and after a few sessions with the 'Woman from Hell' I'm back on my feet.

    Good luck!
  • Roz,

    I've had friction massage too on my achilles tendons - what an absolute nightmare! The physio told me he's had burly rugby players pass out from the pain. Still, all in a good cause...
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