Lunarglide 4 as a Asics DS 17 replacement

Hi all,this is a first time post and I apologise in advance for it being long winded but want to give as much info as possible! I also thank any in advance that get through!

I'm a fairly new runner in that I took up running in march after tipping the scales at over 18 stone after a few years of inactivity due to giving up my chosen exercise,( Football) through age/injuries. I am now over 3stone lighter and getting towards my target but won't to continue to get back to my old healthy self.

I'm 38,6 foot and of a large frame,(at 15,my neck was 17" and I was pencil thin),and have settled into a routine of approx 6.5 miles every other day. I'm a moderate over pronator and my shoe of choice was the Asics DS 17,obviously I am finding it hard to locate due to it being superseded and so need to find a replacement model. The newer version just doesn't work for me and neither does the Brooks adrenaline GT 13 and so I'm edging towards the Nike Lunarglide 4.

The Asics weight,fit and support around the upper were the main reasons for it becoming my preference and after trying the Nike shoe briefly on a treadmill it seemed just what I'm looking for but just wondered if anyone else had a similar experience with it or indeed a replacement for the DS 17 that might be a better choice?

I run predominantly on roads but most of my routes have a grass alternative alongside that I use when my shins play up,(this is infrequent and becoming more and more so.)

I appreciate any advice people may have,



  • OK,it seems that I may be the first to make this change! So my feedback thus far is,as follows;

    Went for the lunarglide 4,close run thing with the lunar eclipse in the end as was advised these would give more stability. Personal choice was the upper just fit better and felt better on my feet. I've used the lunarglides on four runs of around 6.5 miles and from first use have loved them,comfort wise they are something else and no sign of any shin splint issues,blisters or pain of any sort.

    To top it off,a new pb on my first run!However,I'm aware that the issue of longevity is gonna come up as the outsole is soft and doesn't look like it will last like that on the asics. 

  • I am on 850 miles with my lunarglide 4's and no complaints at all. They still have plenty of life in them. Great shoe and a huge improvement on previous versions with a lot less weight. I have never had so much as a single blister from them despite using them for runs up to 35 miles. I reckon u have made a good choice and they will serve u well for a long time to come.

  • Blimey,you must be seriously light on your feet as if struggle to get that sort of mileage out of any type of shoe! Having said that,if I get half that distance that'll be fine for me. I'm really pleased with my choice,my old asics ds trainer were comfy out of the box but did cause a couple of blisters without using thorlo socks,these like you say just work and so might save me a fair bit on socks alone!

  • Hi Lee

    If you dont mind me asking how big do these shoes come up?

    Like you i am over 6ft and heavy frame and have been thinking of switching to the Lunarglides for a while.

    I have heard these shoes come up slightly small so would i be better off getting a size bigger than my normal size?

    Thank you


  • I actually found the sizing pretty standard for a Nike shoe but my frame of reference would be football boots and leisure trainers.By that, I mean I take the same size in all 3 types.Obviously everyone is slightly different but I found I normally wear a 9 and half in everything bar smart shoes and the fit was fine. The lace system allows for adjusting the upper for width of feet but toe box may be the feet are widest at the midfoot but people with wider toes may find more room by sizing up.Sorry I can't really help more but I will add I'm nearly 70 miles into the shoe and it is my GOTO shoe, I have to force myself to rotate back into the asics and come payday I will have either a second pair of 4's or a pair of lunarglide 5's!

  • Just noticed have the lunarglide 5's for £69.99 so that's my mind made up!

  • Thank you for the reply Lee.

    Might just go and buy a pair of them Lunarglide 5's myself image


  • Hope they work out for you as they have for me,and it seems the wear that I feared has subsided somewhat.Seemed the outsole wore drastically after the first couple of runs but not much since so WarrenK78's comment may very well be more representative than my first thoughts.

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