Women's running 10k in Bristol

Have any of the ladies taken part in this event before? Seems quite expensive, but desperately trying to find a race for next Sat morning within 20 mins travel from home as i have to get back to do cricket teas. I have a personal challenge to race at least once a month this year at varying distances and need one for june.




  • Parkrun ?
  • THanks Cougie, did think about Parkrun, but they are further away than this one for me and I am ideally looking for at least a 10K as part of HM training plan for Sept

  • I think the women's running 10km series is new 

    i am the sub 45 min pacer so may see you there 

  • I love this bit.. "I have to get back to do cricket teas..."! Does that still happen - the chaps play cricket and the ladies do the tea?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Yes still happens, my mum still does it even though I haven't played for about 15 yrs.
  • It's like the 1950s in some parts of the country! What ho!

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    She does live in deepest darkest Cornwall so it's pretty similar to the 1950's
  • I live in Gloucestershire, it isn't the dark ages here I promise, just a tradition. My hubby is captain and nobody else will do them so each home game it is left for me to do.  It is a pain in the b*m to be honest but somebody has to make them.  Both my sons play at junior level so I could potentially have another 20 years of tea making before they find a partner who will do them. 

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