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I suffer from Coeliac and IBS so have to be careful what energy supplements I take while running. I was using Shot Blocks and drinking only water but found after running about 7 miles I was starting to feel sick. I have now gone back to having Jelly Babies for an energy boost but they are also making me feel sick. I am doing the Great North Run in September so need something to give me a boost over the 13 mile any ideas ?


  • I'm gluten intolerant and I use the SIS range of products which are gluten free.  You might want to check as I have only researched the ones that I take, but their energy drink and recovery drinks are fine and don't upset my stomach at all.

    The recovery drink makes me a bit gassy but that is one of the normal side effects of high protein drinks and not anything to do with my gastro problems

    It could also be that you are taking in more energy than you need.  I find that I only need 500ml of electrolyte drink for a half marathon and only use gels / jelly babies when doing a full marathon.  If you have too much in your stomach then that can make you sick.

    Or it could be that you are lacking in electrolytes, as shot blocks and jelly babies don't provide any of these.  Now that it is getting warmer you will be sweating more, so losing electrolytes which you need to replace.

    Everyone is different so have a play around and see what suits you

  • I don't eat on a half marathon, just water.

  • Unless your illness affects your energy reserves - you really don't need to take anything on board.

    Your body has enough reserves to get you past 15 miles.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    As said previously if it's a half then you shouldn't need anything. Just make sure you eat well in the 2 days before and you will be fine.
  • I'm a coeliac too and love eating jelly babies on my longer runs, however, as they're not working for you, I suggest raisins, sultanas, dried fruit.

    Although, word of warning, make sure they're 'organic' so they have no preservatives on them, such as sulphur dioxide! I soon found that with apricots, my gut reaction was almost the same as if I had just ingested gluten and seeing as you suffer with IBS, I'm sure you'd have the same reaction as me image
  • Also, agree with cougie, get a good meal in you the night before, potato based I'd assume and you'll be good to go image
  • Thanks for all your replies. I am nearly 49 and only took up regular running just over a year ago and i dont have the energy levels that i would like. I like to run in the morning after my breakfast which is 3 slices of toast (i dont like gluten free breakfast cereals and am intolerant to milk) but do feel that when doing 10 mile runs i could do with a boost after about 7 miles. Does anyone recommend taking a SIS Energy gel ?  it does say on their website that you should have between 1 and 3 on longer runs. I have a healthy diet and try to drink 2 litres of water every day.

  • kelleher wrote (see)

    Does anyone recommend taking a SIS Energy gel ?  it does say on their website that you should have between 1 and 3 on longer runs.

    Well it would, wouldn't it?  They don't make a profit if they can't persuade people to use them

    One gel for a half might be beneficial but probably more from a pyscological perspectve rather than for the energy boost it will give you.  You could get the same benefit from an energy drink or a few jelly babies and the gel may make you feel just as sick.

    I'm not saying that you shouldn't have gels, but I am always cautious of spending money on technical solutions that you might not need when there is a cheaper fix or you can do without.

    I suspect that the reason you are getting tired at 7 miles could just be that you need to do a bit more training.  You have plenty of time so by all means give the gel a go but I think your time would be better spent working on getting some good miles under your belt


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    As Supercaz says you won't be running out of fuel at 7 miles it's more likely to be your fitness. Maybe do your 10 milers at a slower pace for a few weeks just to build up your base fitness. Maybe you are running them too fast.
  • I'd agree with the comments above about improving your fitness. However, if you're struggling, how about making your own non-bake gluten free energy balls?  I make my own - call them rocketballs image

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    Stop eating crap.

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