Forerunner 310XT Problem

It will no longer connect to the USB ant stick. It has been working fine previously.

Any help much appreciated


  • For the last week or so I've had to pair devices every time I want to upload data.  Very irritating - I know there was a maintenance outage scheduled over the last couple of days; might need to run a sw upgrade.

  • Check the ANT program is running. If not, restart it. If it is running, right-click and tell it to terminate, then restart. Check the terminals on the watch are not corroded.

  • I have to do this now everytime I upload data. Turn on the watches pairing setting to visible, and then set the ANT agent on the computer to enable new pairings. Then the watch has to accept the new connection, and then only then can the upload begin. The problems seem to start after Garmin released their new software update a couple of months ago. Very frustrating. Sort it out Garmin

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