Seeing threads all over the place about LSR and i myself and trying to run at 7.00min per KM.

What i dont understand though is WHY i should be running slower to run quicker?

I know i am also doing another shorter run and an interval run, but i just dont understand the reason why running so slow will get me to run faster.

Can someone please explain to me. Thanks.


  • It doesn't, it helps build up your stamina so you can run further.

    It's speedwork that helps you to run faster.

    By doing both you will be able to run further, faster.

  • To some extent it depends how fast or slow a runner you are. If I am aiming for a 5 hour marathon, I am already not a very fast runner, and I don't need to do my LSR all THAT much slower than race pace, otherwise I'd be out there all day!

    You have to strike a balance between the LSR going too fast (and taking too much out of you, making it impossible to do the other training runs of the week properly) versus going too slow (and being out there too long).

    It also partly depends on whether you've done a marathon before or this is the first.

  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    I do a 20m runs almost every week. I run them nice and slow as I want to get the endurance benefits of being on my feet for longer, and also want to train to use fat more efficiently as a fuel. If I was to do these at my marathon pace, I would knacker myself out leaving me unable to give 100% to my speed work and tempo sessions during the week. I have the occassional LR where I up the pace a bit.

    When I race I put the elements of long runs and speed work together.

    Everyones LR distance will be different based on experience and/or  the event they are training for. 

  • Yeah, it depends on how fit you are, but that article makes most of the points re why do it.

    If you are like me then running that bit slower on a 6-8 mile run means that you are not knackered that afternoon/the next day, whereas if I run my normal pace I am knackered and take 2-3 days to recover. If I run slow, I am basically recovered, or recovering the next day. I just need to up my miles now.

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