Saxon Shore Ultra Trails...

Hi all,

Anyone done any of their events or know what they're like as a company? Just wondering if you guys had any feedback...? Tempted to give one of their events a go, but hadn't even heard of them....



  • I think that most people on this site are Centurion loyalists. 

  • I am a centurion fan too, after doing the TP, they were fantastic. Always on the lookout for new stuff image. I think they must be a new company though...!?

  • I did the White Cliffs 50 this March.  The written directions were awful.  The aid stations were good.  Chilli con carne at the finish was ace!

  • Anyone that knows what happened to their races? Their website is not working and they do not answer e-mails. It gives me a creepy feeling. Cancelled?

    I'm registered to WC100 and NC100 and have hotels and flights from Sweden booked. All non-refundable. If the races are cancelled then I want to know that a.s.a.p. since that increases the chance that I might be able to "salvage" some of it.

    I was looking forward to for the first time seeing the cliffs at Dover and Canterbury.

  • From what I've read online the TG100 was a complete disaster this year. I leave google to fill you in on the details.

    Sounds silly, but have you emailed them? They responded fairly promptly when I contacted them last year

  • Website looks fine to me. When did you email the race organiser? You have to remember that most race organisers have a day job and not everyone is like Centurion who use race fees to fund their life and racing.


    I am not loyal to Centurion. They actually make me angry every time I run near my house and still see the NDWR route spray painted on the pavement months after the event.

  • UltraCas, that's not good.  It's exactly why I won't do any of the Great Barrow Challenge events - permanent markers on every flat surface around.  Makes me angry every time I see them.

  • They have had terrible write ups and from people who are very experienced. 

  • Ultracas I'm really sorry about the chalk paint still being visible on the ground. It should wash off with the first rain and when I've tested it, it disappears rapidly, if it's still there then we'll have to reconsider our use of it. Certainly reduce it. Where exactly is the paint that you can see? How long do you usually see it hanging around.

    Just to clarify that Centurion is just me (james) and I'm the only one that draws anything from the company. I appreciate that still might be a controversial thing in UK ultrarunning, however I assure you it is not a lucrative business, it's actually the coaching and small online store that allow me to do it full time. 

  • James: I'm out on the SDW regularly, and your paint there has always vanished within days.  Could the marks UltraCas is seeing be from a different event?

    (The long barrow signs are unmistakable.  Stickers with the event name permanently stuck to any flat surface including road signs.  Fury.)

  • Peronel: Possibly. NDWR isn't a marking that we suggest the marker uses, but that certainly doesn't mean it isn't us. I'm super conscious of the marking we put out, I HATE seeing course markings left up when out trail running once an event has passed, so I can understand the frustration with that and if the paint is hanging around we need to consider how much/ if we use it. 

  • It isn't marked as NDWR but it is definitely from that event. The markings are in Knockholt and on pavements...maybe it doesn't come off that kind of surface as easily? They're covered in leaves at the moment so let's hope that helps break it down.

    The other problem with it was the amount of marking - some of it was where there was no other option other than straight on. If runners need nannying that much then they shouldn't be out alone!

  • Indeed. I am down there next week so I'll take a look. Thanks for replying. 

    As for removable markers, they are only there during the race and you'd be surprised at how easily a tired runner makes a mistake so we do put a lot out, but we take them down following the last runner in the field, never post event. That helps us clear up any race (and other) trash too. It's a lot of work to mark a course that way but in my experience, it is worth it. Apologies if you think it is overkill but most runners appreciate it. 

  • pmo: Yes. I've e-mailed them several times over the last couple of weeks. The last (quick) reply I got was in the beginning of September.

    Regarding the website: I only see a "Maintanance mode"-page. And a google search does not result in anything but the "Maintanance mode"-page. This has been going on for some time.

    I knew about some of the negative comments before I registered. I disregarded those about navigation since I consider it to be the runner's responsibility to navigate. For these races one cannot rely on a route description in words no matter how good it is. One has to be able to read maps, to bring the maps and to actually use the maps during the race (and a compass). That's why I've already bought OS 1:25000 maps for these races and was planning on spending a few days on checking the routes on them and on Google satellite maps. My opinion is that one cannot blame anyone else if one skip actively using maps.

    Nevertheless, the negative comments is something that adds to my worry about the status of these races.

    Is anyone else of you registered to WC 50/100 and/or NC 50/100?

  • For the TG100, it wasn;t just the instructions that were wrong image I'd recommend a read of this

  • I knew about that blog when I registered to NC100 on Oct 9 but not when I registered to WC100 on Sept 4.

    WC appears to get better reviews which means that there is a difference in quality between the races. Life is usually not just black and white. Therefore, I disregarded info in the blog that I considered connected to just TG100.

    I noticed just a few days after I registered to NC100 that the website was no longer working. Have I lost out completely with WC100 and NC100?

  • Hi, I'm glad I found this thread.

    I've also registered for the WC100 and was a bit concerned about the website being down. I'm now more concerned if they're not replying to you, Jan.

    It would be good to know if I need to carry on with my current training plan or if I can take it easy over Christmas!
  • Don't give up the training. My flights from Sweden are non-refundable so I've started to look for a UK-backup plan for which I can use the flights, but I will no matter loose the money for the hotel bookings and the maps (and the registration fees?).

    The Green Man Ultra on March 1 and St Peters Way Ultra on March 2. Both roughly 45 miles. It seems possible to make a double (still short of 100 miles). Would be my first "multi-stage" ultra. And Enduroman100 on May 31-June 1. Still just backup plans, but I would like to activate them asap so that I can book hotels and National Express while still cheap. Booking early has worked for my 97 previous ultras.

    But first: Is it still possible to race on the Cliffs at Dover?

  • I just got an ok that I can return the five OS 1:25000 maps that I bought online for the NC100 and get the money back minus the shipping cost (but not the two for WC100 since I bought them a few weeks earlier).

    The tough condition is that I have to return them within a week since otherwise a too long time has passed since I bought them. Thus, a cancellation decision this week costs me less than if given a week later.

    A decision is always best given as early as possible, even if it's a negative decision!

  • Saxon Shore’s e-address is no longer working. And the website, facebook and twitter are now all completely closed. I never got any response.

    I have been concerned but have up to now not had hard feelings. But this is rapidly changing. What annoys me is the lack of info. This turns a sad case into a very bad situation.

    In addition, it affects the reputation of UK organisers and my future desire to run UK ultras. But I admit that I’ve also met wonderful organizers during my 25 UK-ultras (outof 97 ultras in total) and it has, up to now, felt natural to choose a UK ultra for my 100th start. My plan is/was to let Thames Trot be my 100th, with WC100 as my backup race in case I DNS my 98th or 99th ultra.

    I’ve lost all hopes that WC100 and NC100 will take place and I would like to activate my backup plans that will allow me to “salvage” at least the airline cost (for WC100: The Green Man + St Peters Way; for NC100: Enduroman 100). A complication is that my budget is very strained and I use every penny I can afford on ultras. My budget really hesitates to pay new registration fees before getting a refund from Saxon Shore. 

    But I question if Saxon will refund the fees and I feel I’m losing out on the backup plans -- also.  

    Any suggestions?

  • How did you pay for the fees? Debit card? Credit card? Don't know what rules/fraud protection you have in place in your country. Perhaps you can try to charge back the fee.

  • Did you pay saxon shores or an individual?  If the latter, consider the small claims court.

  • I found these contact details for Saxon Shore on the internet - I hope they help..

    Mike Jones

    Race Director

    Saxon Shore Ultra-Trails

    Extreme Runner Limited

    Canterbury Innovation Centre

    University Road


    Kent CT2 7FG

    Tel: 01227 811877

    Mobile: 07754 628014

    Email: [email protected]
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate your support image

    I payed via the website Regonline. They are just a intermediary. It should be Saxon Shore that I payed.

    I have no hope that Mike will reply if I send a regular letter. And if I call him the number display will revael that it is a Swedish number and he can easily skip answering. He has been consistent in not responding to my e-mails after Sept 2.

    I checked with the CC-company and it might be possible to get a refund. But they need proof that the "supplier" did not deliver the "product" and thus they want to wait until the races should have taken place before they do anything, which does not help my backup plans. If fraud is involved it sounded like they would contact Mike and make it hard for him (which makes me hesitate at the moment, but ... ). 

    I'm irritated at the lack of info and I therefore definitely consider the small claims court as an option if fraud is involved. But it is an option that is harder to use for me since I do not live in the UK and it would take time to get familiar with the UK procedures. The best in this case would be if one could get all who registered to WC 50/100 and NC 50/100 to act together.

    I learned already as a kid that one often could get away with bad things one had done if one were open, honest and took responsibility for what one had done. But if one didn't ...

  • Frankly that is just not on.  Anyone live in Canterbury?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'm really sorry to Jan that you've had such a tough treatment with this organiser and that they've let you down. There must be other runners affected by this closure/lack of contact?

  • Oh dear.  I've signed up for the 50.  I have their facebook page on a speedlink and I just tried it now.  It automatically re-directs to my page.  first time it has happened.

  • Sorry to hear this Jan & others signed up to these races. I havent been to all your back-up plan races but can recommend St Peters Way, its quite a varied route and very well organised.

  • Hi Jan,

    I've signed up for WC50.  In August I was a volunteer for the TG races and yes, there was a lot of chaos but he and his family really were putting a lot of effort into making it happen so very disappointed that everything's shut down with no communication.

    I'll probably wait until December before contacting credit card who should refund the money without too many questions I hope.




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