newbie doing a few 10k's

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hi folk,

bit of a intro i am 38yrs of age weigh around 100kg 5ft 8ish do a lot of gym work ie powerlifting/strongman type training lifts bench 140kg,squat 205kg,deadlift 230kg all natural not one of these roid heads far far from it.

the reason of this post is i carry abit of a belly lol and want to get a hell of a lot fitter so i said right lets do a few runs for motivational pruposes and to get me fitter, and maybe loose a few pound in the progress.

so i decided on doing the middlesbrough 10k in sept, ive done it before 2 yrs ago but weighing around 88kg at that time, i was'nt running fit but was gym fit and did the run in 58.03mins which i was really happy with, ive also done two middlesbrough 5k runs in the last 3 years times, 27mins 1st time, 26mins 2nd time couldn't do it this year due to working away.

so the plan is on getting a better time than the last 10k and also i am doing it for charity so a little more rides on it, so on the run up to the Boro 10k i am doing the Edinburgh 10k in a few weeks time just to give me a rough idea of the run and time etc i know the Edinburgh is a little tougher than the Boro one but still an indicator, then in november i am doing the 'survival of the fittest' in manchester for a bit of fun but still want to be fit to do it.

current training still doing my gym stuff so 3 nights a week going heavy.which is push,pull,legs

CV wise the last few weeks ive mixed it up a little and done short 2-3mile runs, 1min walk, 1min run type of runs, also abit of cycling 7 miles here n there

on saturday i did a 3.36mile run in 36mins but felt like i could of done alot more (just dont wanna kill myself just yet) but slowered the pace from usual, the previous runs have been approx 2.5miles in 22-24mins,

also i wear proper running trainers brooks bought them from up n running

any advice would be great




  • Sounds like your going the right way about it. Continue to run maybe do a few 5k park runs on saturdays. Keep building up to the 10K. Eat well to lose weight and hopefully your run times will tumble. 

  • Good work there. You want most of your miles to be done at an easy pace - so if you can't chat - you need to slow down. Get some nice steady miles in and you can include speedwork when you have some base.

    To lose weight you need to cut down on your food intake. Running only burns around 100 cals a mile - so you have to do silly amounts to lose weight. If you cut down what you are eating and do the running - then you'll start to see improvements.
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    cheers guys


    so looks like i am doing it the right way i am happy with the way things are at the moment a few more weeks of mixing the runs up should make be feel better on the day.

    the Middlesbrough 10k is the ultimate one for me after the Edinburgh race i have 8 weeks till the Middlesbrough one (i am on hols for 2 of them weeks) so really good progess should be made in that time i reckon

    food wise i dont intend cutting down as such because i wanna keep my strength training up but i have cleaned up most of my meals and not been over obsessive with junk and already i can see a slight difference (type of difference only yourself can see)

  • Blakey Might sound daft but I would take a look at what you are drinking as well. A lot of soft drinks and beers have a lot of calories in them and if you are drinking tons of coke or something it you just chance that slightly you are going to notice a big difference. Nice one on the running mate. image

  • Yeah, sounds like you have a good plan. Build up the runs slowly re mileage and watch out for your knees. You need to cut calories to lose weight, running won't do it, unless you are training for a half marathon/marathon and have a high mileage. Just cut back 10 or 20%, you might think you "need" the calories, but you don't, you've just got used to them image. Enjoy!

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    Little run out tonight did 1.9miles in 19mins all tracked on edomondo started off legs felt heavy and knees felt tight but all eased up after a few mins, got a longer run for Thursday and a few bikes rides in between image

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    Ride out on hybrid bike did 10.35miles in around 42mins 

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    went out last night an the edomondo app didnt work only showed that i did 2.5k in 14mins instead of the estimated 7k i was doing, so drove round in the car and it worked out 4.2mile in the car so drop a little for going round the rounabouts still close to 4 miles so happy with that, didnt time myself cos i thought the app was working

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    2 x 8 miles hybrid bike rides last night both around 31-32 mins different directions


    run out tonight just a few k cos doing a longer run on thursday

  • Blakey,


    If you are spending a lot of time in the gym and still not shifting the belly then you need to look at your diet mate.


    There is a tradition of bulking and cutting in the bodybuilding world that is quite un-necessary. The reason people have to cut is that they over estimate the number of calories etc that they can shovel away whilke they are bulking.

    Cut back on processed will obviously still need a decent amount to allow glycogen replacement etc but you can get a lot of your energy from fats/protein and survive very nicely.

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    Thanks for the reply 


    at the moment food is pretty clean mainly eggs Am chick n veg lunch and mid afternoon then gym and CV then a pretty healthy meat n veg based tea so getting a lot of natural sources.


    ive cut legs out of my plan now just for a few weeks till I get past the Edinburgh 10k I tend to do heavy BB squats went upto 160kg x 5 last week and legs suffered when I went running.


    did 2.17miles tonight in 19mins pretty comfortable going to do a long run on Thursday night  

  • My wife is doing the Edinburgh 10k...we live there....she did the couch to 5k program April/May time and did her first 10k run a week or so before the Edinburgh race for life in which she did the 10k version....she is also signed up to the Half Marathon later this year too.


    Good to hear that the food is clean.


    I found that keeping a feed diary helped me (initially) to realise what I was actually eating....there were a lot more snacks in my diet than I had realised.

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    my Mrs is currently doing the zero to hero now after not running for over 6 years.

    was thinking about trying the Middlesbrough 10k route tomorrow night and see how i fair with it, then just do a couple of small runs next week to keep the legs moving before the edinburgh 10k on sunday, how is the edinburgh one ive heard its fairly hilly (obsvously) i know a few people who have done it in the past and they have put about 10mins on there Middlesbrough time up there.


    basically the edinburgh run is just another build up/indicator type of run, not really fussed about gettign a good time just to go and enjoy the run and not kill myself the middlesbrough 10k is the upmost important one



  • There are a fair few uphills but the last km is virtually downhill all the way.

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    Barry Gray 4 wrote (see)

    There are a fair few uphills but the last km is virtually downhill all the way.

    Thanks lol


    at least when i am dying it will be downhill


    i was thinking about trying the boro 10k route tonight but thinking against running it fully and just doing like 2min run / 1 min walk all the way round and wait until the edinburgh 10k to do the full 10k


    any views anybody

  • run/walk is the way that the NHS couch to 5k program does just increase the length of the runs and decrease the rests...


    I did something similar...unintentionally though..


    I picked an arbitrary point that I wanted to get to and went there and happened to be 7.2km..I timed myself and aimed to get faster each outing... The first couple of times I did it I was virtually crippled for days afterwards due to searing pain in my thighs. initially I ran as far as I could and walked a bit then ran etc...eventually I managed to get to a point where I didn't walk but had a slow jog instead to get my breath I can do the distance without to many issues I have moved the distance up to 10km....

    I am moving flat next week and to run to the same point and back will be 16km....60% increase on my 10k.....will be challenging and probably not advisable to have such a large jump but I will go back to what I did initially and take a breather when I need it before picking up the pace again...of course all of this will be timed and I will just try and get a few seconds faster the next time out..


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    well last night it was the long run night and thought about doing the Middlesbrough 10k route and see how it felt but was toying with the idea of 2min run 1 min walk then a mate said why not just run it and see.

    so i did and completed it without stopping just a steady jog pace all the way round, in total it was 10.23k in 1hr 7mins so happy with that all K times where pretty much mid 6mins

    1, i never stopped all the way round

    2, gives me an idea of how i need to improve over the next 9wks (off on hols for 3 though)

    3, my last Boro 10k (58mins) i was 88kg and not 100kg but now i am running, i didnt then i was just gym fit

    4, makes me happier that i know i can run the time with a week or so to the edinburgh one


    is there any advice for this folowing week my initial thoughts were just a few small 2milers etc to keep the legs moving or maybe a few bike rides




  • well done

  • Sounds like you are doing the right things matey. I started running in may after doing nothing for 10 years!!

    just decided i wanted go get fitter and run a 10k which i did on wednesday just gone. I went from struggling to run 2k to running 10 in 57 mins in 8 weeks. I had the 10k trainer app which helpps to start with to build your endurance. 


    I now have a heart rate monitor which is great. It links in with my runkeeper app and tells me HR % etc etc which is great. I didnt realise that if you are running Quite fast and have a high heart rate you are not burning fa apparently!!


    i have also started now to put some good hill work in my training and try to do it mostly off road which i find makes it easier when i run on the road. 


    Keep at it mate

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    Cheers Michael


    little cycle out last night did 7miles in 30mins plan is tonight my last gym weights session of the week and go out for a 2-3 mile run

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    2.9mile run last night in 25mins


    had to ride into work today cos my dads car is in the garage so i lent him mine and did 10.7mile in 39mins so will be roughly the same back later on

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    rode home from work yesterday another min 11 mile legs are a little heavy today might just go for a walk tonight for a good stretch of legs

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    little 3 mile run last night 1min walk / 1 min run took 30mins


    suffering with the shins now agony last night so its a few days of rest before sundays edinburgh 10k

  • Just rest up and don't do any more before sunday mate your doing well just don't overdo it and get injured. Good luck for the weekend. image

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    cheers Cake

    yeah thats the plan, didnt do anything yesterday other than took the kids to the baths but just let the shins soothe in the water.

    was thinking about going just for a walk today for a good old stretch really.

    then tomorrow driving to edinburgh and spending the day at the zoo then a nice meal afterwards

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    Did the Edinburgh 10k yesterday, started of in the pink wave, and did it in 1hr 3mins 04secs really happy with that considering its a lot harder than the previous 10ks that I have ran before (only 2) 


    body is aching today especially the upper back around the shoulders 

  • image Well done mate Will you be taking it easy for a while or have you already got something else lined up?

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    I've got the Middlesbrough 10k the start of September which I am doing for charity, my previous time was 58.08mins but I was only 88kg then and not 100kg lol that was 2yr ago, but I didn't train for it, and was wrecked for ages after at least I am running and got a good head start.

    I've 3 weeks off work from the end of the week going to Spain for 2weeks then a week at home dont plan on doing anything other than walks etc then I have 4-5 wks before the Boro 10k.

    an old pal is doing the Boro one also and said he will run with me, hes looking at late 40s so that will be good to push me on a bit


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    plan is for the next 4 weeks till my next 10k

    3 x sessions a week this is from  top 5k runner who is a friends brother who was unlucky not to run at the olympics 2012 due to injury


    30mins fast pace each week for 3 weeks


    4min fast 1mins rest x 4 1st week

    5mins fast 1min rest x 4 2nd week

    6mins fast 1min rest x 4 3rd week


    40mins steady run 1st week

    50mins steady run 2nd week

    60mins steady run 3rd week

    4th week just taper down

    then the other 2 midweek nights i am goner hit the gym with weights and maybe a 10-15mins CV




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    1st run for a month last night managed 2.8mile in 28mins had to slow down a few times also

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