Full physiological assessment for runners

To those interested:

I am a physiologist currently working with the English Institute of Sport, and am looking for talented runners to participate in a research study.

The basics are it will involve two visits to our performance laboratory based at Loughborough university. One visit for a full physiological assessment including submaximal and maximal running assessments, body composition and several anthropometric measures, lasting roughly 2 hours in total. The second will entail a session of uphill and downhill running (all subtempo paced), lasting one hour in total (~25 minutes of running in total). The only stipulation we have in terms of times for these sessions is the latter has to be performed in the morning (between 8 and 10.30am) following a light breakfast. 

We are unable to subsidise any travel to and from the facility. However, in return for participation, you will be provided with full feedback of the physiological assessment, including a full breakdown of the results and how this may be translated into your training programme.

For more details, please contact: Andrew.shaw@eis2win.co.uk



  • There's an American kid on another thread who is burning up the world of 5k, apparently.

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