best book for doing a HIM

I'm sure most books are interesting and a good read, but I can't afford to buy them all so which would be my best buy?


  • Get Andy Holgates one ?

    Swim a bit, Bike a bit more, Run a bit - that's all you need to do ? Training books are dull.
  • Theere's the championship thread. June 2014 is a long way off. You're a marathon runner, why stop at a half?

  • I agree, Andy Holgate's book is very good, I bought a couple of training books but have only ever flicked through them to get an idea of a training plan.

  • Don Fink "Be Iron Fit" or Joe Friel "The Triathletes Bible" both give lots of good advice.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    +1 Razor, both good books and for different reasons.

  • you cant afford a few books and you want to take up triathlon, good luck on that one  ;)

  • Thanks a lot for the feedback - I'll get those ordered. Then of course I'll be popping on here to ask for advice.

    DK - you have a point! What I meant to say was I don't want to "waste" money buying duplicate books. I'm trying to do a HIM on a budget - 2ndhand wetsuit, my dad bought me a 2ndhand bike and I'm doing the race in my adopted hometown (in Italy) so I'll have no hotel/travel/restaurant costs. 

  • Wetsuit fit is very important. It needs to fit your shape very well. If it doesn't - then you'll have a harder time on the swim. I'd not bother with the training book then - theres plenty of info on the internet and even on the forum.
  • Cougie - thanks, I haven't bought a wetsuit yet, I'll go for a new one then. Which ones do you personally rate? So far I've only bought cycling helmet & gloves - next purchase trisuit.

  • There's lots of good wetsuits around. Lots of websites have deals on and there is always the ex hire option. Perhaps hire one see how you get on with it. Tri suits, either scour eBay or go for something like More Mile. Just remember you'll be in your kit for a fair old time. 

  • I went to a shop that had about 4 different makes and let the guy there guide me - different body shapes suit different makes. I got a cheapy Orca and its lasted me years. The more expensive suits are best for the better swimmers.
  • Mrs D -I will be in the kit for an awful long time! 

    Cougie - I don't want a flash wetsuit if it gives the impression that I'm a good swimmer! My aim is to enjoy and finish within the time limit.

  • Hi there, good luck.  I am not an expert in any way..but in terms of wetsuit I went to TriUK in Yeovil.  It's not too far from me and I found them excellent.  They had a good choice and recommended one.  They helped me try it on (harder than it sounds!) and they have a pool so you can see what it feels like in the water.  They also offer rentals and you can buy ex rentals cheaper.

    Hope this helps and you have a great time.

  • Brooko - Thanks for the info. That shop sounds excellent. I have horrible images of me trying to get into one and getting stuck! I'm not exactly skinny!  I live in Italy and when I visit relatives in the UK I'm in the Yorkshire area so unfortunately it's too far but thanks for the encouragement.

  • Cougie/JPGoodboy/Razor/SteadyCJ - thanks a lot for your advice. I've bought the Andy Holgates book & the Don Fink one. I thought the AH book was excellent - very inspiring indeed and I'll start reading the other this evening. Ta very much.

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