Delayed onset muscle soreness

Yes, I know the best treatment is to prevent it in the first place, but I enjoy doing the Midsummer Munro.

My quads are killing me and I'm terrified of the stairs. I can rest until it goes or I can exercise gently to stimulate blood flow (an easy session on the rowing machine).

Interested to hear what others do and what you find works and what doesn't. Ta muchly.



  • best recovery I find is to drink plenty of alcohol.........

    or go for a long walk or jog the next will ease offimage

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a vote for the exercise route. Already done the alcohol image

  • My partner does calf stretches at the bottom of her stairwell-both together and then isolation-then like in Chi running longes-weight on front foot-also if you have a power shower cold blasts for ten minutes and a bit more...Hope this helps! Tchau!


  • just to make clear if its just muscle soreness all over then a run starting very slowly is the best..........if you have  aspecific pain that might be an injury the RICE and no running


     But it sounds like its just the all over muscle soreness image

  • Mustard or a epsom salts hot bath. Or HTFU? Would have said beer but sounds like you have that box checked already.

  • If I had a cure for DOMS I would be very rich! Ice, rest and keep the muscles mobile.

  • Muttley wrote (see)

    ...My quads are killing me and I'm terrified of the stairs...


    I know exactly how you feel -  North Downs 30K image


  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Too late now, but I'd recommend a cold bath followed by four glasses of prosecco the same day as the race.

  • Had DOMS once - smashed my parkrun PB, was fine until the next morning when I woke up and found I could barely walk.

    You just need to wait for it to sort itself out (in my case I'd recovered completely by the following Thursday). AFAIK there's nothing you can do to speed up recovery.

    Wouldn't recommend running until you've recovered - all pain, no gain.

  • I couldn't even think of running yet!

    I've never had sore legs like this before image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I feel your pain Wilkie. I get this every year after doing the MM. I just wish I could hurry it along a bit. I think by tomorrow I might just be ready for some gentle cycling or rowing. And then it'll alright.

    Until next year when I do the MM again. I never learn.

  • Gentle session on the turbo trainer the day afterwards, not pleasant but does speed recovery (IMO of course).  YMMV.

  • I have to walk down two flights of stairs to get to the gym, so exercise will have to wait at least until tomorrow.

    I have been walking a mile to and from the station, though.  Very slowly.

    Next year, more squats and downhill running before-hand!

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