The Call Centre.

BBC3's The Call Centre is hilarious.



  • Would it be terribly wrong to have a bit of a crush on Nev image ? image

  • Heledd, the voice of the Welsh call centres. image

  • I spent the first 30 minutes thinking it was an Office style sitcom. I can't be real - there must be some amount of scripting / putting Nev up to stuff. Surely????

    Hilarious though!


  • Not sure whether its real or not, but I do know that I am now going to invest heavily in the fake tan industry!

  • That bodybuilder who was totally mis-shaped was freakishly amusing...

    I've worked in call centres and one was not dis-similar and very successful. I suspect that very little is scripted. 

  • But he's worse than David Brent?!??!

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