Just thought I would say hi as a newbie and also share a confession with people who will understand. While Himself was upstairs painting a ceiling, I entered not one, not two, but an additional 3 races this evening. Good drills. 

Oh and in the excitement I also left the dryer on for two hours. Oh well. 


  • Well done Mrs N, good form, has he finished the ceiling, have all your clothes shrunk and what races are you in ? image

  • Welcome to the Loony Bin Mrs Nimage

  • Welcome - oh I think you will fit in here very well!

  • Cheers all.

    JP - yes, he finished the ceiling ( it looks good), not sure about the clothes - but I think I've got away with the expense (he's a Northener) and I've now added the Warwick tri, Tamworth 10k and Flying Fox 10 mi to my season. 

  • Noel Hopefully see you at the warwick tri. If himself get's grumpy about it point out there are bacon sarnie's there and depending where in the north he's from I will make sure I bring some henderson's relish just for him. image

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