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Hi I have just had my second baby and she is 4 months old. I am back to training around 90kms a week. just some days I have no energy to do anything and just skip my training all together. I just get really down when I can't keep up my motivation and energy... suggestions??? I have still baby weight to come off. I watch what I eat to a point as can't strictly diet due to breast feeding.


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    your baby is only 4 months old and you are running 90km a week? Wow

    Of course you are tired, you have 2 kids! and you are breastfeeding. I wouldn't worry about dieting, just make sure you are eating healthily. Also, don't worry about how much training you are doing, just do what you can and don't feel guilty about missing sessions. I would say do the training as fun and a bit of time out, and concentrate on having some fun time with your kids,

  • Crikey! Yeah I agree with mathschick, hunni you need to look after yourself, up your calories and have fun with the kids. sod the training plan for a while x

  • That's more than I run for marathon training. And I havent just had a baby.

    Was that normal training for you pre pregnancy ?
  • Thanks for the advise and just your comments. made me feel heaps better. I have ran two marathons and done heaps of 1/2 marathons. my usual training is around 15km a day for six days and then i do a 1/2 marathon on a sunday. i know it's nuts but i do it before the girls get up. so i am up usually around 5 and run for hour and half. I have never been a fast runner but aim to get it done in hour and half...

    all i want to do is eat sweets which the sugar cravings kick in so much with having babiesimage

    i know it all takes time just frustrating when you feel like you should be back to your body ASAP when you see other mothers who DO NO TRAINING and skinnier then they were when they were pregnant!



  • With that amount of training time you could be a fast runner - you're just doing the wrong training.
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    You are training every day? Gosh, you need more rest!! Take a couple of rest days a week and just ease yourself back into things. Not nuts to go out running before the kids are up - I do the same, it is the only way to fit it into the day - but I go out earlier than you!

    wanting sugar and sweets might be a sign of tiredness 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    90k a week, that's a pretty high mileage by most peoples standards.

    What sort of times are you getting in your races?

    If you are not regularly coming in the top places then you are probably just shattered from doing too much.
  • I would question why when you are so tired and are not a top athlete are you doing all these hours.......

    your children are very young and your body hasn't has a chance to recover from childbirth and get all the ligaments strengthened why are you running so far every day......

    i can undewrstand people getting out for a break and some fresh air away from the kids.....

    but you seem to be doing a lot more than this...out of are doing so much and breastfeeding....are you sure that you need to lose weight 

  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭

    Yes I totally agree with the other comments. Try to ease up the pressure a bit.  In my experience, it's deffo 9 months to put the weight on, then at least 9 to lose it. But be a bit kind to yourself. Some people find it hard to lose weight when BF because it makes you hungry, and you need a few more calories for the milk.  Others find the opposite, that the weight falls off. I have had experience of both- held onto it with my first, then lost it easily second time around... BUT it took me 10 months.  You are not superwoman, and you don't sound as if you're enjoying the running.  Not many people would when you're up at night, running around after the kids and following a pretty punishing training regime.  I wonder why you feel such pressure to get back in shape?  Does it come from outside or from you?

    To get a bit of perspective, five years down the line, will you rather look back at these precious early months and years, and think-- I did 90k a week when baby x was little and got an amazing body but was exhausted and run ragged.  Or-- so I had a bit of extra baby weight, like most normal woman, but it went eventually, and I had the energy to enjoy my time with my kids.....

    Take care, and ease up on yourself x

  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭

    I think you're doing too much, Lucy, I really do.  I expect you're shattered from having two kids and a 4 month old (I assume isn't sleeping through yet, 4 month sleep regression sound familiar?).  And breastfeeding is great but means you have a heavier burden on you nutritionally to support the feeding AND the training.  You shouldn't be trying to restrict what you eat at all at this point.  Trya nd focus your eating on really good nutrition though - lots of protein, carbs, fruit and veg.  Loads of oats for milk supply.  Too easy to reach for the sugary stuff but will probably not help you longer term (in terms of energy).

    What are you training for, event wise?  If nothing big coming up I'd definitely dial it back a lot whilst baby is so little.  Do you have a running buggy?  Just a thought but maybe you could use that to run with the baby during the day and maybe sleep in a little longer in the mornings?  

    You're making me feel knackered - my youngest is nearly two now and I'm still only running half of what you do!

    Running and training hard will still be there a few months down the line - and it will all be much easier when the baby is a little older and sleeping better etc etc.  



  • I'm training for our City To surf in August the 21km run. i have tried running with my kids but it took us an hour extra longer as they don't like the pram. i love just going out and running on my own and zoning out. i love running though. to me it is alike a drug and i love long distance running. i am not a short distance runner at all.

    yeah i know what you are saying is right, she was sleeping through the night and it has reverted back and just when you get your body slightly there for training another hurdleimage

    but feeling better about it all after chatting on this forum though. thanks again everyoneimage

  • Less is more. With that amount of miles you should be doing the race sub 90.

    You're tiring yourself out running long every day.
  • Wow first things first i really hope i am as motivated as you post pregnancy, but I agree maybe slow down a little just to get your energy levels up and used to the change! 

    Secondly take a look at this website they offer all sorts of advice for pregnancy and post pregnancy and quick ten minute exercises if you dont have time for a full workout, it is aimed at pregnant for women but post pregnant women would probably benefit from this as well! 

    Good luck!! 

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