Brooks Ghost 5 and 6, your experiences, is it a neutral shoe?

Anyone run in the Brooks Ghost 5 or 6 shoe, heard a few reports its not a true neutral shoe, just wondered how people got on with them, going from a Nike Pegasus 29 shoe to these maybe.




  • Generally these days, shoes with medial posts are classed as STABILITY and those without classed as NEUTRAL.

    But all shoes have some level of stability.

    I know that some well built 'neutral' shoes are actually more stable than some cheap 'stability' shoes.

    The Pegasus is probably one of the most flexible/least stable neutral options out there right now - and the Ghost is one of those quite stable neutral shoes.

    So there could be as much of a stability difference as with a 'mild' stability and 'moderate/strong' stability shoe - and generally people wouldn't advise that kind of stability change if your current (stability) level seems to be working for you.

    So maybe don't go for the Ghost.

    I'm a bit out of touch lately so aren't sure what a Pegasus equivalent might be these days (Mizuno Wave Rider maybe?).

    That's when your friendly local specialist running shop comes in.

    Use them or lose them.

  • Have run in Ghosts since number 3, G 5 is good but number 6 is for me even better all round, not cheap but worth the cash.
  • It is aimed at exactly the same customer as the Pegasus. 

  • I have Ghost 5's and have no complaints. Would have no hesitation recommending them

  • Im currently running in Ghost 6 and I absolutely love them. I would say they are a neutral shoe. Had no issues at all.

  • Both classed as neutral but Peg is softer than the Ghost.

  • I'd say they're neutral but have a fairly stiff sole. I was recommended a pair (a year or so ago) to help reduce the pain of shinsplints and they did work for that but I didn't like the feel of them on my feet, being used to more flexible shoes...

  • I don't have experience with the Nike, but I've covered a lot of miles in my Ghost 5's without any complaints.  I've just replaced them with some Brooks glycerin 11's which feel great - like a comfortable pair of slippers.  I've only used them twice so far - a 6 mile run and a 17 mile run (so far so good).  I've done well over 700 miles in the ghost 5's and they still feel good to run in - cushioning seems ok still but the tread is showing signs of wear.

    I've also got a pair of Mizuno wave rider 16's.  The Mizuno's are lighter and also feel comfortable.  I'm using the Mizuno's for road races and training runs on tarmac.  I seem to prefer the brooks for logging the majority of my training miles though - and I'd still be happy to race in them.  

  • I have Ghost 6's and so far ran around 400km in them. Very comfortable, I previously had arch pain which has completely vanished. I did a gait analysis and was told I am a neutral runner, and had these recommended.

    I will be buying them again. 

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