Does anyone use Deep heat or Deep Freeze products?

Hi all,

I am emailing from Nexus Communications, a healthcare communications agency. I am interested to find out if any of you use Deep Heat or Deep Freeze and have had a positive experience of using the product that you would be happy to share with us? I appreciate that on some forums these kinds of posts are not approved of, so if you would like to remove it that is fine and apologies, but please rest assured that I am not selling anything. I am just trying to contact people who may use the Deep Heat or Deep Freeze product in their training or when picking up an injury.

I am looking for case studies on how you use the product/s, what your memories are of it, be it for sports use/managing injuries or more casually for general aches and pains day to day such as from gardening. If anyone does use the product it would be great if I could send you a questionnaire to fill in and, if needed, interview you. I'm hoping to talk to the media on some of the case studies and if they were used in a media piece you would be compensated you for your time.

If you are interested in being a case study and finding out more on this please contact me on 0207 052 8854 or I would need to be able to have your name, email address and a contact number.


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  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    I could tell you about the time I had Deep Heat spread all over my knackers as a rugby club initiation prank but I doubt that would qualify ......image

  • No, not really, sounds painful!!!


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    it was, shall we say, eye watering.......image

  • ha ha i feel a lot better about my rugby club initiations after reading that image

    I have seen a prop suffering an allergic reaction to deep heat after her hooker used it, not realising that the prop was highly allergic to it lol it defo helped us win them image

  • Oh dear, that's really unfortunate, I hope she was ok.



  • She was fine, no hospital treatment needed and her team mates learnt to avoid using it.

  • Well I'm obviously delighted she's ok, but a bit sad as there's clearly no case study for me from that experience!!



  • So how do these gels work Jon? Can you warm your muscles up by rubbing something into your skin? How does it work? Are there any reliable scientific studies to show that they work? 

  • The massage action of rubbing it in might do some good, but surely nothing you rub on your skin can penetrate right into the muscle?

  • we have waterproof any product applied on the skin for sub skin not work....!!

    there a waste of money....pressure or massage is more effective..............

  • I personally love deep freeze, it works really well for easing your pain. I don't agree with using to try and carry on in sport when in pain though, it gets used in rugby and football like this too often.

    I hate deep heat.

  • So simulating the feeling of heat and cold to ease pain gives some sort of placebo effect? Are you LYFAO yet Stephen?

  • better off rubbing a tandoori curry on your muscles...!!

  • yopu are better off just massaging the skin.deep heat just works by irritating it and so heating up the surface..without doing much to the muscles below

  • Anybody ready to buy a case yet?

  • Dear Sussex Runner,

     Many thanks for your questions. There are certainly lots of opinions on Deep Heat and Deep Freeze use, so it is really valid to hear people’s opinions, thank you. As to your question and for anyone who may be interested, there are a growing number of scientific studies and research that support the effectiveness of topical analgesics for pain relief treatment. Deep Heat and Deep Freeze, as people point out on this thread, are not intended to replace a good warm up or warm down, but when used appropriately they can help with injury prevention as well as muscular aches, pains, strains and injuries. I would be happy to send you a summary of the science around topical analgesics for pain treatment. If you are interested, please email me at and I can reply to your email.

    Many thanks, Jon 

  • In what ways are these products "deep" deep into what? Are they better for pain relief than say, Ibuprofen? How do they prevent injury? 

  •  Hi Sussex Runner,

    Thanks for the email and further questions.  As mentioned above I would be happy to provide you with papers that look at your question areas. I can send these to you via email or post.

    My intention of why I came on this forum however, was never to try to sell these products to anyone but merely to find out who might be interested in being a testimonial case study because they already use the product and like using it.  If no one is interested that’s of course is absolutely fine.

    Many thanks again


  • The fact that you are seeking anecdotal evidence rather than providing any scientific proof on this forum says volumes. You came on here about your products and seem unwilling to answer the questions we asked. If you're not interested in answering them, of course that is absolutely fine.

    many thanks SR(NLR)

  • Dear Sussex Runner,

    Many thanks for your message. You are correct when you point to the fact that I am after anecdotal stories by asking for case studies. As stated I represent Deep Heat and Deep Freeze to the media and have discussed the science of the products with a number of health and sports journalists, who know the science behind the products. Also, as stated, I have some really interesting science documents that look across the whole range of topical analgesics that I would be happy to share with you to show how the products operate, the benefits they are associated with and proper, safe use if you are interested.

    Kind regards,


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