Which compact digital camera to buy?

I'm after a replacement compact camera that is good enough to take good quality photos in low light (night time, concerts etc). Not looking for an SLR as I want to have it with me all the time in my hand bag! Anyone had any good recommentations or bought any new cameras you're very pleased with recently? Thanks!


  • Looks at the Canon S110 or Fuji XF1 - both are pocket-able.  Alternatively, something like the Fuji X20 or Canon G1X or G15 - larger, but excellent.


  • Olympus XZ-1 is great and has an aperture of F1.8 at the widest setting so probably the fastest lens on a compact.

    There's a XZ-2 around now so check that as well

    On the other hand you could get an Olympus PEN series camera which are bigger but also have interchangeable lenses.

    Just to show I'm not all Olympus I do have a Fuji X-100 as well 

  • I bought a Nikon 1 V1. They're going cheap because the V2 is out now. Very pleased with it. It's a bit bigger than a compact but will fit in a large coat pocket.

    Flickr camera finder is also useful, lets you see real photos taken with a particular camera model.

  • There are plenty of compacts with f/1.8 now, though a large aperture isn't necessarily a good thing.

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    Wow, I really appreciate all the suggestions! It's given me an idea of what I'm going to look at when I go shopping! I've actually asked for advice previously on here about buying a tablet, and found it extremely useful. I found it easier to ask on the forum rather than a specialist camera expert forum as It's easier to get an unbiased opinion! Thanky you all so much!

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    Hello fellow runner camera experts. Been window shopping and have narrowed down to canon sx280 or Sony wx300. Told they're both good for low light. Anyone has experience with either? Thanks

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