Run3D Motion Analysis for Injured Runners

Hey Runner's World community!

I am the physiotherapist for Run3D - a motion analysis clinic based in Oxford, UK. Primarily in our clinic we see runners and walkers with overuse injuries, however biomechanical analysis can be beneficial for any sport and lower limb injury/prevention ( or simply curiosity).

We are the only 3D motion analysis available and affordable in the UK at the moment, other than those used in universities and hospitals for research. The main purpose of Run3D is to help injured runners determine the root cause to their problem. As you may know, 50% of runners become injured EVERY year - that is a hard statistic to avoid. We use 3D motion analysis (how video games are made), to assess how your hips, knees, and ankles are moving in comparison to a normative database. Abnormal movements can indicate what is causing and/or contributing to your injury - or potentially could cause an injury in the future. Our main goal is to help you become injury free, and then stay that way.

For more information on our assessments and 3D gait analysis, please visit our website at . Happy Running!


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