Knee Injury - PFPS ?

Hi All,

Im looking for some advise regarding my knee. This winter was the first I have carried on running outdoors. I was doing a steady 30 miles a week throughout until one day I pushed the finish and suspect I injured something although I never felt the pain until the next run.

I have had quite a bit of calf pain in my right leg with a small amount of bruising, inside knee pain with bruising (strangely this occurred on both knee's) and pain around the knee cap only noticeable when climbing stairs or of course running.

After attempting to run on it several times I decided to give it up and rest it. Ive rested for 6 weeks with almost no exercise and certainly no running. Its felt much better, no calf pain for over 2 weeks now and no knee pain / bruising for around 4 weeks. Been for my first run today, took it really easy but once again I got that steadily worsening ache / pins and needles type pain which gradually climbs up the leg and eventually into the knee. To be honest im gutted as im really desperate to get back out. I have a treadmill which I might put some time into and see if that helps. I have also got a doctors appointment in a couple of hours to see if they can do anything.

Can anyone offer me any advise on how I can get myself better and back to clocking up the miles ?


  • Quick update.....

    So the doctor checked me over and cant find any obvious injury but has suggested that I stop running. To my mind this is not an answer however I would agree that I may have to consider cutting down although I do no where near some of the miles you guys do on a regular basis.

    Either way I decided to go and get a foam roller after the appointment as I have heard good things. Ive done a bit of work on my ITB and my knee already feels much more stable. Its very early days but could a tight ITB be causing me all the issues ?

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