RW's Garmin-Ready Marathon Schedule Conflicts

In short, why do the downloaded files not match what is shown on the website page for the week by week?  Do I follow the downloaded schedule on Training Centre or the schedule on the website?  I did ask this question before but it was a bit like War & Peace and nobody responded.  It's a lot of running, what schedule please?!!  Schedule example here:  Ta, Mike.


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    They never do Mike it's a gimmick that doesn't seem to work. If you think of the schedule as a road map and the Garmin ready version as the sat nav that could send you into a river it might clarify things.

  • Michael - as Mr Puffy says they never have matched.  I don't think it really matters which you follow as they are not really that different in marathon training terms.  I have just followed the Garmin one is the past as I find it easier just to go with what I have uploaded to my watch, it saves me a lot of hassle.

  • I always follow the printout - it reduces flexibility uploading to the watch. The only session that I bother to programme into the watch is intervals. The paper programme  never did me any harm - unless you count the divorce.

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