Shin Splints??? or something else??

Hi, I have recently suffered from ITBS which I finally kicked, mostly by switching my running style to forefoot running. To start with getting back into it was great but after a couple of weeks I began to get very sore on the insides of my ankle which radiates to about half way up, they got so bad one sesh I had to limp home, I iced them etc. but they are sore and trob during the day, the crazy thing is tho sometimes they don't bother me at all, I train quite hard and have done a fair few races, sometimes I feel the pain a little to start with then they ease off, I did a 30 mile ultra race on Saturday pain free then last night I did a 2 mile run up to my running club we did a sprint sesh on the field, I could feel the pain a little but nothing to stop me running but then on the 2 mile run home I was limping almost!! so frustrated after having so much time off with the ITBS I just want to run pain free again. I have even gone back to my old style running. Do you think I just need to strengthen my shins and calves more? I'm unsure of if it is shin splints or not with it being inside ankle and up, not actually on my shins. If I press on where it hurts it is very sore.


The only other thing I can think is that the races I do are in my trail shoes but I wear road shoes all the other times, I'm wondering if my road shoes are the problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I have a 43 mile race next month!!  thanks xx


  • Shoes may be too narrow.  That's what did for me.  have had shin splints since just before London caused by Newtons changing their sizing!

    forefooters need a wide toe box.

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