How can I stop getting blisters when I run?

Hi all,

I keep getting blisters on the arch and also balls of my feet whenever I run anything over 5km, I did 10km the other night and when I got home and checked I had around 4 blisters on each foot and the last 3km was agony.

My trainers are about 3 months old and were fitted for me at a running shop so I dont think its them, and I lace them quite tight. The socks I use are cheap trainer socks I got from somewhere, so I'm guessing these could be the issue?

Any advice greatly received?


  • Don't lace them so tight.  How long ago did you start running over 5km, and when did the blistering start.

    Chances are the trainers don't fit properly.

  • I've done about 10 runs over the last 3-4 weeks over 5km and the blistering started pretty much when i started running which was back in January.  Got my new trainers in March as I pronate when I run and the old trainers hurt my back.

    I'm faily positive the trainers fit, the guy at Derby Runner spent ages measuring my feet and geting me to try loads of diferent pairs etc.

  • Get proper running socks, these will wick the moisture away from your skin and make blisters less likely. Also, try putting Bodyglide (or similar) on the areas that are prone to blisters.

    If that doesn't work then you probably need new trainers.

  • Good running socks, and good old vaseline over the foot. Bodyglide is far too expensive!

  • I've got Bodyglide already, never thought of that!!

    Ta, I'll get some proper socks too and see if that helps.


  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭

    You may need a bigger size.  Some people's feet swell more than others when they run.  For example I wear a 6.5 in normal shoes and an 8 in running shoes.  Some people only need a half or one size bigger.  Have you tried taking them back to the shop and explaining the problem.  They're pretty good in the Derby runner.  

  • Try some Injinji socks, they work wonders! image

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