Yorkshire Marathon 2013

I have received a copy of the runners world magazine and was amazed to realised that the Yorkshire Marathon has sold out. 

If anyone is unable to run the race I would be happy to by the racenumber off you





  • Furthemore to my query I have just looked at the Yorkshire Marathon website and states the following to my dissappointment:

    Can I give my runner number to someone else?

    No. Entries are non-transferable between third parties due to health and safety reasons and all participants must be registered in their own right in order to participate in an event. Any runner, who is found to have participated in the event under a transferred entry, will be immediately disqualified from the event. If you are unable to take part in the event, please contact us on 0113 8267767 or email us.


    What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!image

    These organisers are getting so strick these days!!!!!!! 

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