Forerunner 410 Problem

Help? My Garmin has suddenly stopped recognising new workouts.

It still appears to connect but then only sees runs until 10th June and none of the more current ones.

Any ideas?


  • try using 'force send'. It's in/Settings/Ant+/Computer/Force Send 

  • Stephen - I have a 405. I had a similar problem and then I found out it only has the capacity to store so many workouts. For example if you create them in garmin training centre and then send them over to the device it will send all of the ones that you have created in the past that are still there.  Therefore you need to move the old ones out of training centre or delete them if you don't need to keep them and then send it all again and it should work.  If you go into the workouts bit you can then select and right click each work out you have created and delete/export it.  Once you've got rid of enough then everything should send over.

  • PS - I hope that makes some sense.

  • Thanks guys.

    DAM-Forced send didn't work, I tried that a while ago.

    Fiona J- I've deleted some workouts from my watch. Do I need to delete some from the Garmin website?

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    I could be wrong here but I think someones getting 'workout' mixed up with 'activity'

    I think SM3 means 'activities' and FJ means 'workouts' eg interval session.

  • I've not used garmin connect but I assume it works in a similar way to garmin training centre where you create workout and then put them in for the dates you want to do them and then send to your watch. If so yes you need to delete then from the website.  When you create a workout it saves it in file and then uploads all of those to your watch everytime you upload.  It does not appear to get rid of then so unless you delete them (or export them elsewhere on your hard drive if you want to keep them) they are all just re uploaded to your watch.  Try deleting just one and see if the first one that hasn't appeared then appears.  If so you know what the problem is and can do the rest in one go.  Now I just remove the work outs as I finish a plan and enter the next one.

  • Maybe I'm mis-understanding or using the wrong phrase, but the problem sounds like the problem I had and its the best way I can describe it.  I'm afraid I don't have access to garmin at the mo so I am describing it off the top of my head and may not have used the correct terms, but I hoped that it might be enough to solve the problem.

  • Still no good. Deleted a few activities but it still won't recognise any new ones on my phone. I don't want to lose records of my blood sweat and tears image

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