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  • I'll be there to register tomorrow but I'm a bit confused whether we have to rack tomorrow as well: the race info pack says that we do but we got an email saying that we don't.  I'd like to avoid it if I can as they've said nothing about overnight security but instead have said that they take no responsibility for any losses.

  • yeh - that's a bit confusing.  I've only seen the race pack though and not the mail you refer to.

    I guess with a lot of people staying on site camping - we're in our motorhome - then there'll be enough eyes around to keep an eye on things.

    bring the bike along - at worst we can keep it in the motorhome garage although it night be tight as we'll have our bikes as well as we hope to get a chance to ride the course tomorrow afternoon to check it out.

  • I'm doing the olympic distance tomorrow - my club are using the race as our championships. I'm camping tonight and taking Pimms - if anyone wants a glass then do pop over to say hello. 

  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    yep - it is what it is and it's the same for everyone


    Ironic that it wasn't (well, not for different races, anyway) image

    Nice to meet you Coops, hope you enjoyed it.  Nice going from Gladys too, shame you missed on a sub 6 but it was pretty good for an undertrained old bloke like yourself image

  • Cheerful Dave wrote (see)

    Ironic that it wasn't (well, not for different races, anyway) image


    I bet that made it fun for FB!

    The question is how many did it with wetsuit where it was optional? 

    And how did you get on CD?

  • There were a few in my wave who either chose not to wear one or hadn't brought it expecting a non-wetsuit swim, but most chose to wear one.

    I did OK, 36 minute swim which is a PB for me, 2:29 bike (I think it was a bit short but there were 2 climbs of Leith Hill) and a 1:24 half marathon, with transitions for 4:33 which is a HIM PB but as I say, the bike was a bit short.  Enjoyed it though.

  • well done those who did Vachery yesterday - especially the middle guys who got the heat of the day on the run..

    bloody busy old day for me and Petal and the other 2 BTF officials, not helped by allowing wetsuits for the middle and banning them for the shorter distances - but rules is rules....image

    this has the chance to become a very good event - they just need to tidy up a few things on the organisational side and it will become very good.  good venue, good courses and a nice (warm) lake if a tad weedy in places.

    good to see CD, Gladys and Mr Monic and Jaffa (marshaling). ACoops - I assume you were with the Windrush lot competing??

    and if anyone is around, we will be back there on 8th September for XTERRA - I'm racing ad Petal will be one of the BTF officials.  she won't be the head one though as it's a National championship event and we aren't qualified (yet) to be in charge of those.    

  • Well I thought the officiating/umpiring/refereeing was top notch.  Interesting to see some of the things you guys have to deal with.

    Since you mention the weeds, it was quite bad in places.  I appreciate they can't clear the whole lake, but maybe they could have done something about the strip along the buoys as you head the last 50m to the swim exit: that bit I found particularly bad.

  • CD - I was told that the owner of Vachery is investing in what is basically and underwater mower to help get rid of weed problems.  we shall see if that happens though...

    and those "weeds" as you finish are water lilies.... image

  • I agree that this could be a top notch event. I thought it was great bar a few minor issues. Good atmosphere. Swim was very weedy but I still managed a PB! Decent bike (2:30) then a meltdown on the run (2:09) Was pretty hot on the run and I didn't have much left come the finish! Felt so sorry for those heading out for their second lap as I finished. Would definitely recommend this event.

  • I found the weeds a real problem. About a third of the way out to the first turn (standard). Struggled without the wetsuit and just couldn`t relax and get the breathing under control.  From the results, there are some really slow swim times, so looks like i wasn`t alone and made me feel a better about being over 12mins slower than my Worthing Tri swim. Also, didn`t like the first and last mile of the run on the bumpy grass.  Loved the venue, the run to T1, the bike was good but nervous desender so didn`t make up for the drag up Leith Hill (which is nice if the like your legs burning and severe oxygen debt) and generally a great weekend (we camped with the kids).  

  • I did the Middle. Swim was crap, ride was OK, run was double cra(m)p! 

    For me I got out of it what I deserved, given what I put in, so it was fair. 

    I didnt like the swim. It was meant to be nice and clear but I struggled to see my hand at full entension and following feet wasnt easy, more of a feel the moving water thing than anything visual. The reeds came and went, but the lilly pads snuck up on you and kept snagging my watch and interrupting my crap swim even more. I dont imagine having no westuit and all those weeds tickling your stomach would have been much fun! 

    The ride was fine I thought. Yes Leith Hill hurt, but I was grateful it was in shade and not too warm. The rest of the course was good, no packs or too many cars. I didnt feel I had to slow down too much on junctions as they were well marshalled, and the roads were quiet on the whole, perhaps with the exception of the A29/Stane Street through Ockley on the second lap? They might have put another water stop half way round but it wasnt really necessary.

    The run was rubbish. I was cramping by the first gatepost, which wasnt a good start. Perhaps it wasnt the best time to do my first brick session of the season!? I managed to run that off, but I was 10 mm, drifting out to 11 mm until about mile 11 when it was survival time and 12.30mm just to get back.

    I thought the run course was hot of course (watching poor buggers like Mr Monic go out again as I was finishing was tough!) but it was well marshalled with aid stations and sponges. I could have done with some flat coke and some pretzels or something like that, but it wasnt a big issue. Only minor complaint at the finish line was a very average generic medal, but an empty queue at the massage table compensated.

    Overall I thougt it was excellent. I'd like to do it again and maybe camp. I think it will get bigger and bigger as an event with arange of races to suit all.


  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    and those "weeds" as you finish are water lilies.... image

    They may have started off as water lilies, but by the time I'd finished thrashing through them they were weeds.

  • I did the standard and enjoyed the event. Great transition / finish chute and very spectator friendly. Weather certainly helped.

    The start times made for good spectating as a competitor - I saw the middle distance pros coming through T1 before heading to my start, then saw them again out on course during my own race. I was lucky enough to see Lucy Gossage / Holly Lawrence battle it out on the run course for an 8s margin at the line.

    Swim was a personal worst for me, and like many others wasted time wrestling the weeds on the way out and back. Amazing how much debris somehow got inside my tri suit. Bike was a bit short but with 428m climbing that compensated. I enjoyed the run, even though some of the grass section seemed bumpier than the field we parked on! Would do this one again.

  • Any views?  The two tri`s i`ve done this season (both Oly`s), I have suffered with cramping hamstrings.  The type that make the leg lock up completely and force you to stop and stretch it out.  Is it loss of condition after puting to much into the bike leg, a bike fit thing, seat height too low meaning the legs never fully extend and need a stretch out, seat too high meaning the hamstrings/lower back are over extended, dehydration?  After the bike, i`m full of energy but cannot use it.  Very frustrating.  First tri, it struck at 8k.  Second, it was there after 200m out of T2, but locked up at 2k.  I am not very flexible in the hamstrings/lower back.  Also, in T2, my hip flexers cramp as I bend down to put on run shoes.  Need to sort this out.  Any ideas?

  • Could be bike positioning...what are you riding and have you been fitted properly?

  • Riding a Felt F95. 61cm. Not been fitted out, but have been given the once over by a friend who has been a cyclist for over 30 years and said all looked ok. Visual check though.

  • It was nice to meet you too Cheerful Dave and Gladys ever so briefly on the run. 

    I had a very average race, but that's what you get when you don't train and have half a bottle of Pimms the day before. Despite the weeds the swim was my favourite leg. I much prefer swimming without a wetsuit, though it was much harder work.

    I camped over (yes, with the Windrush lot FB) and had a really fun weekend. I really could have done with more water and maybe a toilet somewhere along the way though.. Loved the sponges..  


  • you should have intro'd yourself to me ACoops - I was pretty visible for most of the event...image

    I had to have a few words with your lady chairman who was pretty dischuffed about being sent onto the sprint course for the bike rather than continue on the standard.  I could understand her frustration but at the end of the day, it's an athlete's responsibility to familiarise themselves with the course and not to rely on a marshal's direction - even if the stupid bugger was stood in front of the direction arrow!!  ooops...

  • My observational skills clearly need work, I didn't see you once. Sorry!

    You're right, and at the end of the day most marshals are volunteers and just trying to help. I'm sure it won't happen again, she works very hard for the club and wouldn't want them have a reputation for being difficult/angry. It was my last race with them, I'm moving away from London in a few weeks and shall be a lone pirate!  

  • ACoops wrote (see)

    My observational skills clearly need work, I didn't see you once. Sorry!


    you probably did - I was the BTF Chief Official - you just didn't clock it as me...image

  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    ACoops wrote (see)
    My observational skills clearly need work, I didn't see you once. Sorry!  

    you probably did - I was the BTF Chief Official - you just didn't clock it as me...image


    Lucky I was behaving then. image

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