Compartment Syndrome

Hello - can anyone give me advice on where i can get compartment pressure tests on the NHS, my hospital are fobbing me off with referal after referal because they basically don't know who will do it! I've been told by about 5 doctors now that they think that I have compartment syndrome, but i need to the pressue tests to confirm.  Meanwhile i have had to resort to almost zero exercise as even walking is painful.  Getting to the end of my tether with it all, i know that going private is an option, but it makes me angry that I have to resort to this. Any advice would be appreciated.  Based in London/herts/bucks area.

Thank you. 



  • Ask to be referred to an orthopaedic consultant or associate specialist. Although pressure testing is the sure-fire diagnostic tool for compartment syndrome it is not always necessary if there is a very clear history to indicate CS.

    Good luck.

  • Hello,

    I was wondering how you are getting on with this? I ran a marathon in early oct, first long run after was crippled with shin and ankle pain about 5 miles in which then lasted long into the night.

    was diagnosed with possible stress fracture/CS. Been waiting 3 weeks to hear back from MRI and considering going private. 

    To be honest, am in pain when still so am not convinced CS is the main thing,,,, what are your symptoms? 

  • I was finally accepted to be seen by a private doctor (but as an NHS patient) which was great, as ended up seeing the best specialist in the industry.  Had pressure tests, my pressure levels were very high, I have actually just come through the other side of surgery on both legs, (5 weeks ago) - still taking it slowly, but did my first 'long' walk the other day (mile and a half) and had no pain, which was a massive improvement.  The pain i had was very specific, i knew it wasn't shin splints or a fracture, it always felt muscular, and the muscle to the right of my shin was enormous; swollen and solid as a rock.  My MRI scan didn't show up anything, so its not necessarily the most effective thing, but they have to do it to check there aren't any tumours or anything in there.  Pressure tests are painful - but you instantly know.  If you are in London/UK, try contacting the London Independent Hospital which is where i had all my treatment.  

  • They did both of them in my lower leg (but he released them from one incision, so i only have one scar (per leg) instead of two - about 3-4 inches long. I actually only had the pressure tests in the upper one, but i knew i had it in the lower as well, so i requested that he operate on both and he was happy to do it.  good luck with your recovery!

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