Running Group SW Oxford? Botley/Hinksey area

Recently moved into SW Oxford area and noticed that there doesn't seem to be a running club in this part of the city. Am a regular runner/triathlete and wondering whether there is sufficient interest in starting up a group for a couple of midweek evening sessions? Plenty of great routes in the area and parkland/meaty hills for different types of session. 

Let me know if you are local & interested and if there are a few like-minded folk about we can organise a couple of group runs and see where it goes from there... 



  • I'd be interested, but I'm only a beginner - did you get any further interest?

  • Hi guys, bit late i know but i just moved to Botley and am wondering the same. Did anyone set up a W.Oxford Running Club? If not, i might...cheers, Barney

  • I note a few folk collecting up at Elms Parade on Tuesday night and running up Cumnor Hill - at least 10 were out last night. Would save me the slow drive to Headington if there was a group?

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