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hi everyone

been reading the magazine a few months and thought i would pop to the forums and say hi.   i don't run in any races as such, a while back i started with stomach troubles and i thought i would get fitter, i now get off the train early on the way to work and jog 4 miles into work twice a week, getting washed and changed when I arrive.   The remaining days I do the same route but walk.

Been doing this for about a year and I feel younger and fitter than ever and the stomach troubles have (touch wood) gone.

I'm sure that this simple persistent routine is a good route to good health that anyone could take and leaving the car at home would be a good idea for many image


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭



  • Ummmm... where you going?

    Didn't the forum sub-title say "The first-time friendly section" ?

  • Hi,

    I just started a thread before properly reading the others like this one, I think that's awesome.

    Well done you - I'm at the place where I've decided I'm going to start running etc (decided yesterday) I've not actually put my trainers on yet!!! But reading your post is encouraging - I've just subscribed to the magazine myself so hopefully will find more things to encourage me.

    And maybe in a few months I'll be reporting some good stuff like you've just done image

  • well done you image sadly i have to travel up the motorway to work, so i don't think they'd like me running on the hard shoulder image  otherwise i might have given it a go!

    i've only been running about 2 months but really enjoying it so far image ran my first 10k on Saturday in 1.09! its true what you say, persistence is the winner! when i first started i couldn't run to save my life so its great seeing the changes in my fitness image  and Ian you should go for it! i really couldn't decide when to start (as i knew it would be very bad) so i just took the plunge! image

  • I've only been running since the start of May too and loving it at the moment...1-2 runs per week is adequate for me to make improvements/recover and now trying to get a sub 50 minute 10k.....(need to shave off 2 minutes first!)...need to cut the distance and do speed work over 5k or go for endurance on half measures!

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