Tailored 5K schedules - help!


I am not long back from having children and, although have run many half marathons before, I am essentially 'starting from scratch'. I did a 5k last weekend in 34 minutes. I really really want to get my pace up before I extend the distance. 

I have scowered the net for 3-times-a-week training schedules for improving 5K times but nothing. Two kids and ful time work really restrict me to just three outings a week. I can only find beginner schedules on that frequency and none of them are going to help me improve my pace. 

ANy suggestions?


Claire xx


  • Smartcoach - I think they will all be 3 days a week plans. Tailor it to your own needs.


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    what are you doing in those 3 runs? Probably a mixture of a couple of months of doing what you're doing, and then just extending the length slightly would bring that 34mins down without any kind of fanciness whatsoever.

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