exhaustion after marathon

Hi all,

I ran an ultra marathon two weeks ago, 54 miles over the hills in Scotland. After I felt tired and sore but started feeling back to normal two/three days later. I took a week off from doing any sport, but decided to go a tiny 3 mile run this week on tuesday.

After this three mile run I started feeling unwell and my legs felt as if I'd just run another 54 miles. I also got cold sweats and a bad stomach (sorry for that info).

Has anyone else felt horrendous and unwell on their first couple of runs after a marathon? Maybe I'm just being soft. How long should you do nothing after a marathon??


  • You probably just have a bit of a bug and it's nothing to do with your ultra.

  • Yes, it is a perfect time for bugs to hop on board while you have a suppressed immune system. Take it easy and don't push things too quick

  • I read somewhere (sorry, I can't remember the source) that it can take up to four weeks to recover fully from a Marathon; you just did "two Marathons" - so your body is going to be really knackered. As a poster above said, your immune system is compromised during that period post Marathon. I am aware that you can do recovery runs a few days after races. The three mile run that you did - if it was fast then it may have been too fast for your recovering body as I understand recovery runs should be nice, gentle jogs.

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