starting from scratch

hello to everyone,

so im 42 and excited by the idea of triathlon.

however, im jumping into the unknown and  my knowledge of triathlon is that it involves swimming, running and cycling. so where do i begin?

do i start with improving what im ok at? one area at a time? a bit of each sport regularly? this is the hurdle i first need to get over so i can have some structure.

there are so many books/ websites and threads out there.

so, if anyone will offer some practical advice to a complete beginner it will be much appreciated.





  • What do you do at the moment? Can you swim? Do you own a bike? How far do you ride regularly? How much running do you do currently?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Helloooo, there are many programmes about. look at beginnertriathlete or amateurendurance. Something along those lines. Find an event to focus on. Perhaps end of Sept. What are you managing training wise a the mo? Also, pop into the shorter tri thread for a bit more input! 

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    I would also suggest that, before you pop your cherry at tri, go and watch one one in action (in case you haven't)

  • im running around 2-3 miles every couple of days at the moment.

    ive recently taken up some sessions at the pool to improve front crawl technique as my swimming isnt that great.

    i own a bike...........well its a start i guess.

    mrs.digger, which shorter threads? 

  • I'd suggest looking at some of the online training plans to get an idea of balance. You're best off working on all of the disciplines bups give some focus to your weakest.

    Can you join a club? That will give you access to lots of advice and training sessions. 

  • Sorry, there is a thread on this forum called 'Training for the shorter Tri'. Have a gander and a chat on there.

    Are you aiming for a particular event? 

  • I'm in a similar boat to yourself except, I can do long distance on the bike, just entered my first Ironman race for next year ( got charity place as I already support them). Started swimming two weeks ago and concentrating on learning technique and gently starting running. This place is a wealth of advice but my 2p...

    If you don't already swim well, book a couple of lessons .

    When you look at getting any time on the bike, get a bike fit first.

    Lots of running progression programs out there.

    If there is a club near you , join them ( am about to do the same but they are a bit good round here and don't want laughing at ) 

    Last bit, ready Ironholgs books ( Can't swim, can't ride. can't run ) , massive inspiration.


  • As Joe Friel (top Tri coach) posted on twitter yesterday:

    High frequency of workouts is another way of saying consistent training.This is perhaps the most important component of training.

    My friends constantly ask why they aren't improving. Doing 8 workouts one week when really enthusiastic then none the next week doesn't make you fitter. I stick to a plan that isn't too ambitious. image

    And I took another friend to his first tri on Wed and we both learnt a valuable lesson:

    Do not do an open water triathlon without first having swum in open water! 

    Open water swimming is brilliant! It's my favourite discipline but requires specific practice. 

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