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New runner here in training for an upcoming 10k (actually, it's only a week away now [gulp!]).

Last week I bought some new shoes - Brooks of some sort, with 'moderate' stability. However, I foolishly bought them what I think is about half a size too big.

When I run, I'm not slipping in them or anything, they're actually fairly comfortable, but I can feel they are just a tad too big. I probably should have gone for the 8s, rather than 8.5s.

The problem is I have run in them a couple of times and so am unable to return them to the shop. So, I was wondering if there's anything else I can do to make them fit a bit better, without doing any damage while I'm running.

For background, I am not a runner. I did a 5.6k last year which took about 33mins. This year I signed up to do a 10k and started training about 6 or 8 weeks ago. The run is next week (Sunday), although the furthest I have run is just over 8k (in 51mins), so not great. Fingers crossed it'll all be good on the day!

Thanks in advance for any help.


  • I tend to buy shoes that are half a size too big anyway compared to day-to-day shoes, seems to be a better fit, but you can tighten the fit around the top of the shoe by lacing them differently.  There should be an extra lace hole which isn't used at the top of the shoe, if you thread the lace from the same side back through that hole to make an extra loop on both sides, then thread whats left through that loop.  little hard to explain, but like this:


  • I'd not worry too much. It could be that the next size down would be too small if your feet expand with the heat.
  • If they're not sliding or rubbing anywhere, just wear them, sounds like a decent fit really. My running shoes are always a half size bigger than my normal size.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Back up the others. My Brooks are a full size bigger than my work shoes. But never a problem (unless I don't lace properly).

    Did you run in the shoes before buying them?

  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the reassuring (and quick) responses. I was worried you'd all say god no, you mustn't run in those, they'll kill your shins/knees/back/all of the above. And so I'd have to beg the shop to take them back or fork out another 80squid!

    I will make sure I lace tightly, and use the tips in the thread jason suggested.

    I did run in the shoes in the shop, but I stupidly had two pairs of socks on - my work socks, and a pair of their dirty sports sock on top. Then I ran on a treadmill while they videod my gait (clever stuff!).

    Then I got home, went out for a run, just wearing one pair (obviously) of sports socks and discovered the shoes were slightly roomier than I remembered.

  • My running shoes are a size bigger than any other shoes I have. The lacing technique is amazing so definitely give that a try!

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    could you not just recreate the shop conditions by wearing thicker socks?

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