just wondering if anyone has done this in the past - heard loads of good reviews about past years, also someone said entries are open already for 2014, but i cant find that link anywhere.

sounds good / hilly so probably not ideal for a newbie like myself.




  • Budjude - the Race New Forest website doesn't have a link for next year (or even a date that I can see) but they are off doing a LE-JOG charity thing for the next 8 days or so.

    I expect they will get some more info up once that is finished.

    As for the race - I did it this year (my first full distance) and can say the bike isn't too bad. I live in Shropshire, so loads of hills here and I thought it was fine.

    The run - a killer. My advice is if you do want to do it then book a nice weekend in the New Forest and do a full bike loop (about 73km) on Saturday, and a lap of the run (about 15-20km depending on whether you start at Sandy Balls, or the car park where the off-road running starts).

    The organisation is spot-on, a great event for first-timers I would say - but don't expect the fastest of times possible!

  • The date & entries are now open - 22nd June 2014

    Anyone in?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    I always say "one day" to this, I've done the Middle Distance and the Swashbuckler a few times each. The Tri Talk folks really rate the Forestman highly.

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