Shoe Choice

I'm looking at a couple fo shoes - I'm a heavy runner at  around 17 stone and do roughly around 5km a day. I don't do it quickly but nevertheless.

I've been looking at some Saucony's - I find their 11.5s are a good fit, but is there really much of a difference between 

the Progrid Ride 5, Omni 11 or Hurricane 14 ? Could anyone recomend anything else, I live miles away from anywhere, so shops are difficult to visit 



  • Shoes is quite a big subject; many would recommend that you go to a proper running shop, get gait analysed, and buy a pair of recommended training shoes.

    Others would disagree, for many reasons, and explain that running form (how we run) is more important than what we wear on our feet; they may also say that there is evidence to show that over-engineered training shoes are bad for us since they have the potential to dramatically change the way nature intended us to run.

    For those reasons, I think most people wouldn't give you a specific recommendation.  I'd say just find a pair of shoes that feel comfortable, check out 'how to run' on youtube (to get a gist of what I'm on about), and run.  Listen to your body, if you start to develop problems, stop, and try something different.


  • Thanks, makes a lot of sense. 

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