tried these?

Looking for another light weight minimal(ish) shoe for my rotation.

On the shortlist is the Mizuno Evo Cursoris, Inov-8 Road Xtreme 178 and 233.

Anyone had experience with any of these that they can report on?


  • Can't comment on the Mizuno but the 233's are my go-to for any sort of distance. I've put 600 miles on my first pair and they are still going strong and don't seem to disimiiar in feel to the new ones that I bought last month.   They are light (270g for UK11, very low and very firm. 

    The 178's wouldn't work for me as a high milage shoe as I slightly supinate and so the lack of outsole (especially on the lateral side of the shoe) would be a problem for me. 

    Really, really like the 233's (compared against Nike free 3.0's, Kinvara's; these are the only other sort of middle minimalist shoes i've spent any sort of time in [except Saucony Triumph 9's which I just couldnt get on with])

  • I tried them on and they imediately felt comfortable. I was a little worries about the outsole -felt spongy as if they would last very long


    +1 for the 233. I alternate with my saucony fast witch.



  • I'm breaking in a pair of 233s with 150 miles and longest run being 20 miles so far. As mentioned above light, low and firm ride. It's hard to do my slow run in them.

    I've stuck to road running and they've not shown many signs of wear. Despite concerns to begin with about grip on wet concrete pavement they've performed no worse than any other shoe I've worn. The outsole is very smooth with the sticky compound material.

    I'm also alternating between the 233 and Road-X 255. Two completely different shoes. The 255s feel very much like the old Flyroc 310s but without the off road tread.

  • I just wish they were less that 6mm drop. But, comfort is the main thing.


  • Oh those Sketchers Go Run Ride look hidious to me. Chunky cusioning.

  • I can recommend the new balance mr10s, lovely and light, slipper like fit, and a bit of cushioning without losing any feel for the road. 

  • NB seem to be too narrow a fit for my feet. love the look of them though

  • I'm actually running in minimal zero drops right now for runs up to 10 miles, but as I land very laterally these seem to give me burning sensation after about 6 miles, so I need something more cusioned for my longer runs. if it wasn't for this burning feeling I'd run in minimal ones all the time. I wear Inov8 bare X 150s and Saucony Hatorri.

  • Dissappointly for my Road-X 233 I noticed there's a small localised area on the upper sole behind the little toe that's starting to fray and a hole will appear soon enough. Other than that for 300 miles they still look relatively new.



  • Mine went like that at about 400 miles, still going strong a few hundred miles on. And for £50 I won't complain.

    Horse piss, I run in the 150's too and, believe me, the 233's give a much more minimal ride despite the extra drop. 180's are a different matter!

  • I haven't tried these but the Saucony Virrata look interesting!

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    I like the Inov8 233s. I run in vivobarefoots quite a bit. The 233's obviously aren't as minimal, but they have a good firm feel with unobtrusive support to help over distances. I don't really notice the drop in them. I'd also recommend the On Running cloudsurfer or cloudracer as something with a minimal feel but with cushioning on landing. Pricey though.
  • sean Oc 4 wrote (see)

    Mine went like that at about 400 miles, still going strong a few hundred miles on. And for £50 I won't complain.


    I'll certainly persevere with my 233s as I very much like them. On appearance of the defect did you carry out any improvised repair?

    I'd have thought the tear would continue to grow without any such remedial work. I'm trying to figure out what I can do to postpone this.

    My pair were also £50 in grey/silver colour. Are they discontinued? I notice the Road-X 233s have a refresh in bright red on offer nearer to £100.


  • You can still get the white/red ones for ~£50 if you hunt around. Failing that I know Pete Bland knocks two pairs out for £110.

    Unless you stitch it I can't see what you can do? I've tried black witch and shoe goo on Baregrips and La Sportiva XC's but it doesn't really help.

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