Marathon training for triathletes

Doing London and wondering how much training to put in.

Looking at some of the forums some runners are intending to put in 80+ miles per week. I could never fit in that mileage, even if I wasn't swimmming and cycling.

Aiming for sub 3h15m (=2*1/2 marathon time plus 10%) on 3 runs per week, so about 20-25 miles. I also do 3 swims and 3 cycles.

Any comments/suggestions welcome.


  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    james im a sub3:15 (just!) marathon runner. done 8 now, most around that time. resigned to fact ill never do a sub3:00 because, like you, i can never get enough running in with the other stuff going on.
    think it's important as you start approaching the marathon to do a long run - maybe every other sunday, alternating with the long bike. and also at least a med-long run in the week. just so your leggies get used to time on the tarmac! the swim and bike will keep you fit the rest of the time.
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  • Daz

    I was sort of planning to increase the lenght of my long run as the marathon approached. Currently do 90mins every week, increasing this to 2hrs ish when I'm planning to race a half marathon.

    So will probably aim to increase up to 3hrs as marathon approaches.

    This would be in addition to long bike, ie long bike sat, long run sunday.

    During week do 1 speed session and 1 brick session. Wasn't planning to alter this, ie no med-long run.

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    sounds perfect to me. just make sure you ease up two weeks out - you're doing 3 sports remember!
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  • James,
    I am planning on probably 70 miles as my maximum week, going for sub three, really cycling and swimming will be taking a back seat, not because I don't want to be doing them, but time will not permit me to do as much as I would like. I will change into a triathlete for the summer though
  • James. Its an interesting one this. My background is very much running and last year trained hard for the FLM and included as much swimming and cycling as I could into my schedule which was not very much! Once April was out the way though I did loads of cycling and swimming to train for an ironman in July and just kept the running ticking over.

    If you include the Ironman I have done four marathons since the FLM with almost no loss of performance on probably an average of maximum twenty running miles per week (2-3 runs). Was slightly shocked myself to do 2.59 at Dublin last month having done only four runs in the preceding month, but lots of army style circuit/strength training instead.

    I guess the point is once you train up to a certain level of running, cycling and swimming fitness as long as you keep them all ticking over then you will be fine. This winter I'm going to work on my weakness, cycling and only imagine I'll be able to fit in a few weeks over 30 miles running before FLM.
  • Hey all,
    I'll hopefully be doing the Dublin marathon at the end of October 2004 (my first marathon). My tri season (most Oly races) finishes in early September, besides one final race at the start of October that I would like to compete in. So basically, can I start adding on the running mileage and reducing the swim/bike in september and still be pretty competitive for the tri race in early October or should I forget about tri and concentrate on run training for the marathon. Will 6-8 weeks be enough trianing after racing mostly 10k and tri's all summer?

    tri better
  • If you are already doing a time for the half that times 2 plus 10% makes for a 3 15 marathon then I suspect making sure you increase your long runs is the main thing and you should manage this target without too much difficulty.

    I think it is the mental stamina of keeping going when its really hurting that is as important as the body getting use to the time on your feet. I would do a 10 mile circuit twice to have to deal with the temptation of stopping after the first as mental stamina training, you need to practice the mental tricks to keep going.

    Working out your race nutrition is also key, worth finding out what energy drinks are avaliable in the race.

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