Thinking of enhancing your performance?

I was offered a 30 day trial of an amazing new wonder product that would make me bigger, better, faster, even without training! The product claimed that;

[the product]  "will  increase the flow of blood and nutrients to your muscles, virtually forcing them to grow. You will feel pumped all day and your muscles will become hard and defined. You will have more endurance and even with moderate amounts of exersice the muscle response will be like anything you have ever felt".

[the products] "propietary formula, blocks fat absortion and causes your fatty deposits to be released into the blood stream for the body to use as fuel, shedding pounds of excess weight and quickly vanishing body fat".

Note it is not even spelt correctly! I was put off by the price (after the free 30 days) and the general idea of a 'performance enhancer' and thought no more of it, until...

The Guardian ( )

"Over the past six months a number of riders have tested positive for GW1516, a synthetic substance which works on a muscle-building gene. It persuades the body to send more oxygen to the muscles by using up fat rather than carbohydrate or protein, which thus remain available to build muscle tissue. Athletes can employ it to train harder and increase their endurance, the classic job of a modern performance-enhancing drug".

Certain similarities?

The article goes on....

"On 21 March, shortly before the GW1516 positives were revealed, the World Anti-Doping Agency issued a warning against its use. "Clinical approval has not and will not be given for this substance," it said. "The side-effect … is so serious that Wada is taking the rare step of warning 'cheats' to ensure that there is complete awareness of the possible health risks to athletes who succumb to the temptation of using (it) for performance enhancement."

This product is described as very popular, and goes on to say...

"But GW1516 has a little friend. This one is called Aicar, pronounced "ay-car", and it does a similar job through different means. It is available on the same website, at $98 for 100mg"

Keep your eyes open for this stuff; if they cannot even check their spelling properly? I know it is similar, not the same, but if it looks like a pig and smells like a pig.....


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  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Sidey, you should know better than to try and sell through this site image

  • Stevie G . wrote (see)

    Sidey, you should know better than to try and sell through this site image

    Yeh  man; I am selin' death man, this is good s**t, the best!

    And sore joints (and not that sort of joint.... man image)

  • I see this stuff occasionally; for instance recently I saw a 'Legal testosterone booster' at huge cost. Intrigued I read the list of active ingredients; mainly zinc?

    I read on, a study has shown that people with low testosterone also have low zinc. But surely that does not necessarily mean that if you take zinc your testosterone will increase?

    Zinc can be bought at low cost in most supermarkets, it is thought to help your immune system....

  • Before you take anything like that, check the ingredients carefully, and the latest WADA list of banned substances - it changes at least yearly. It's not just the pro racers who are tested nowadays, many races do random tests on age group athletes.

  • I like a big glass of beetroot juice two hours before a race.  I swear it helps with endurance; Mrs EDI reckons it does too.

    Later, when you go to the toilet and look at what you've left, you kinda think you've got bowel cancer till you remember, "Ah, beetroot juice".

    Try it; Tescos sell it.

  • Careful what you say, some clown will hear you put it in big flashy packaging.... and charge 10 times as much.

    Along with some far fetched claim backed by an obscure laboratory....

  • has anyone come across Juice Plus who offer a protein powder apparently used by various athletes? Any feedback would be helpful.

  • SideBurn wrote (see)

    Careful what you say, 

    Mrs EDI doesn't like advertising the beetroot juice thing to her other club members.  She's very comptetitive sometimes.

  • The secret is safe with us; we will not say a word image

  • I have some gen-u-wine snake oil here too if you would wish to purchase!

    Guaranteed results in 30 days!

  • Trouser snake oil?

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