Hokas - Raising the Heel/Toe Drop

I'm thinking of getting a pair of Hokas - the new Rapa Nui which is less "platform soles" than the others, but still bigger than "normal" ( 1.5 times bigger rather than 2.2 ) http://www.hokaoneone.eu/en/d/rapa-nui-comp-unisex_143.html

My main aim for getting these is the cushioning, suffering from plantar fasciitis at the moment and read of a few people who use Hokas to help. I've tried a pair on in a shop and they wonderful.

However the Hokas are a 4mm/5mm heel to toe drop, and I'm not used to that lower level, I still wear "traditional" shoes around 10mm. So I'm worried that although it may help the PF it may cause other achilles/calf problems.

I was wondering if removing the Hoka insole ( which is very flat and very thin, about 2mm uniform ) and replacing with a more shaped insole with a bit of arch support and heel/toe drop would be a good solution.

Anyone tried Hokas with their own insoles ( orthotics or standard ) or got thoughts if this would be a good/bad idea ?

The other thing that I'm not sure of is that Hokas deliberately have a sort of "rolling" feel to them, and maybe changing the insole to a more built up one would alter this - which may or may not be a problem


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