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I've entered the Yorkshire Marathon for October afeet already starting to fret that I won't be able to do it image.  I completed the Leeds half marathon this year, but don't feel as though I'm improving very much to do as well with the marathon.  I try (!) to run 3 times a week, approx 6-7 miles each time; its just that my speed and enthusiasm are plateau-ing.  I'm stuck for motivation/ideas for improvement. Help! image


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    What plan are following for the marathon?

    How fast are you running your runs at the moment?

    What was your time for the half?
  • It's not rocket science.

    Find a training plan that you feel you can commit to.

    Do the plan as best as you can.

    Running 3 x 6 a week isn't the best preparation for a marathon.

    You need to be comfortable running past 20 miles - a few 6 milers won't cut it.

    If you can't do the training then don't race. Simples.
  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    Sounds like your mileage has plateaued (forget about the speed for now). If you don't know how best to train, pick up a plan that suits your lifestyle and commit to it. 

    Come on, you know you need to be developing a long run over the weeks- now is the time

  • Well I really hope other comments are more helpful than yours 'cougie'! Of course I know it's not rocket science and that 3 x 6 isn't the best prep, hence the reason me  coming on here and asking for advice/help/tips from those who are more experienced and have been or are currently training for a marathon.  


    Forgive me for being new to RW and marathon training, but I thought my request was relatively straight forward.  I can do the training if only I knew what to do, where to find the best info, and how much i needed to do etc ..... Clearly this site is the wrong place!!!  image

  • Ok I'll spoon feed you "jada".

    Google Marathon training plans.

    Click on the enter button.

    Look at a few and find one that suits your level.

    You've not told us your half time and my psychic powers are weak today.

    Work out how long you have til your marathon and make sure you've enough time.

    Let me know if you want someone to hold your hand in the race.
  • i haven't got a plan at the moment Millsey / Also Ran as I'm not sure where I can get one from.  I've just joined RW online so will seek one out on here.  I have done a few longer runs  (11/12 miles) since I did the half marathon in May (i completed in 2hrs 6mins; I'm just not sure what I need to aim for and over how long.

  • No thanks cougie, I'm more than capable of helping myself, though if I knew where to start, or even what the 'lingo' was, I would have already been there or used it! but hey ho, my mystical powers should have informed me of that too!

  • O god, another 'newbie' know it all thread!! 

    First off jada, cougie was only offering advise on what really is quite simple. 

    Your saying you've come to a plateau in the training, But haven't even thought about a structured plan!!

    Why not looking up the top of runners world page and typing in the search bar.......marathon training plans??


    its really that simple!!

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Find a plan that suits you and you should be fine.

    Hal Higdon one worked for me for my first.
  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    First thing I would do is to decide on a training budget - how much of your life will you dedicate to training. You will need one session per week for a long run, and then several traning days throughout the week. What you do in the midweek runs will be dictated by experience and the plan. Sounds like you are on 3 runs per week - that is low but it can be done

    Millsy mentioned Hal Higdon plans. I have not used them but they are nice and uncomplicated and based on experience level. Also have a look at the Training Tab and the Shades forum thread for some alternatives

    Let people know how much you can train per week, and any times from recent races and some more help could be given through the forum.

  • If you ran a 2.06 half you'd be looking at about 4.30 time for a full - I you have a decent training plan that is.
  • cougie wrote (see)
    If you ran a 2.06 half you'd be looking at about 4.30 time for a full - I you have a decent training plan that is.

    Way too simplistic, as are other responses from Cougie.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I'm with Cougie! You need to run more, otherwise you're not going to make it. You need to get your endurance up firstly; and the only way to do that is more mileage. Start building it up slowly and surely though, otherwise you'll just get injured. 10% a week. Once a week you need to run a long run...and ideally you'll be able to run 20mi about a month before your race.

    There are some pretty good plans on this website under training/marathons section - that should give you a good starting point.

  • You can run the marathon rather than race it. Hold two of your 6 mile runs and start adding miles to the third (1 a week for now) and build in a 4th 6 mile run when you can.

    You will need a training plan if you plan to race the marathon and run to your potential (interval training, hill repeats etc) but if you just want to complete the distance just focus on putting in what are sadly refered to as 'junk miles'.

    It depends on your motivation for running. Is it to do the best you can in events or because you enjoy it and want to run further?

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