Looking for a new pair of cushioned

Can anyone tell me a good pair of cushioned trainers as I've just found out I've been using the wrong ones !! have been using structured asics. What are your favourites ?



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Nothing wrong with shoes, just inappropriate use of shoes. 

    When just jogging about (8:15 min mile pace Hilly XC) I wear Asics Gel Cumulus but replace the inner sole with something with an arch support from the running shop.

    I wear race shoes as a halfway compromise between the Cumulus and minimalist shoes. Haven't dared take on the minimalist option. Not with my flat feet.


  • I swear by Nike Vomero.

    The 7s take a bit of breaking in, as they're firmer out of the box than earlier versions, but over the years they've completely consigned my former shin splint woes to history.

    With the 8s now out (although oddly I'm yet to see a single pair in stores), the 7s are going a little cheaper In some quarters. I got a new pair for £49.99 a couple of weeks ago.

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