Double pram to run with? Advice please??

Any recommendations please? I'm struggling to find one!



  • Don't forget that you shouldn't run until you've had the ok and babies have to be old enough to cope with it. I think that's six months or so ?

    No idea on a double buggy - sorry !
  • we had a 'city stroller' easy to push and fold up, to be honest i just did smaller runs like parkrun or anything up to five miles. Don't forget to get a wrist strap to connect to pram that's my biggest tip, good luck.

  • crazy idea?? Its very common. I've done my research and life does not stop when you have children. So I wouldn't rub the pregnant lady up the wrong way!!! America has many running prams. Some Olympians use them too!!

  • Leave the kids at home when you run.  "Common" != "Good".  Perhaps Mumsnet is the place for you.

  • home alone?? Good idea!!  

  • You didn't clarify that there'd be no one at home to look after them, so based on the information you gave the advice is sound.

  • it sounded straight to the point and simple to me! Any way must dash Jeremy Kyle is on! You can be 'clever' and helpful with someone else! I don't know why you even hijacked my post!

  • Wind your neck in dear.

    Kids have this mechanism called 'crying' that they use to great affect when unhappy.

    What harm do you suppose its doing a child?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Just out of interest, do the children sit side by side in a double buggy or one in front of the other?
  • Infants usually love going out for walks and enjoy going fast (in my experience anyway). We didnt have a jogger but I'm sure cougie jr would have enjoyed it.

    Now where was that thread about the woman who wanted to do marathons with her baby ?
  • I wouldnt worry about it - just another person with more opinions than sense.

  • At last some sensible answers!! Thank you so much! Much appreciated!! My husband works abroad and I don't have the luxury of child care/help! I have conclusions about the sex of the stupid replies! Living in their dream worlds!! 

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Do you have kids Nick?  My little one always fell asleep in the jogger, couldn't have been that "uncomfortable".

    Hope you find one Lucy image

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    So does mine, he liked the jogger.

  • I splashed out on a Baby Jogger when my youngest was a baby and we went out lots together. She loved it and would still come at 3 if I let her. Like pp said - the Baby Jogger is very long and therefore not practical for taking out in the car, but it is very light and easy to push compared to other three-wheelers.

    My friend has a double bike trailer thing that converts into a pram. The wheels are nice and large so I can only assume it would work just as well.


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I'll agree with that Hannah, the babyjogger was a long old thing.  We did get it down to take to Center Parcs once but mostly left it up.

  • I think someone has a 9-5 job with a briefcase and a wife who does everything. She looks after the kids, not allowed hobbies, and he plays golf/runs whilst she gets his dinner ready. He annoys her as much as us.

  • Like most things it depends on the child..i would be loathed to spend a lot on an expensive double running buggy just to discover that the second child hated it and objected each time...thus preventing the running.....

    but most kids would enjoy the rhythm of the buggy running.....but there never know with babies.....

    Hope that your babies remain lightweight and happy to run....good luckimage

  • We had an out and about nipper instep. That was very solid, I didn't run with it on training runs just here and there, but it went well.

  • Im on your side Lucy. After all, you wouldnt be running very fast would you? Your children wont be bouncing out will they? I have a trailer for my little one, that I pull behind my bike, and he loves it. Even the very first time he went in it, he fell asleep, and even when I pedal slowly, I still go faster than when I run, and as far as I'm concerned, buggies have more secure 'seatbelts' than bike trailers. I'm sorry I cant answer your original question, but I absolutely hate reading threads where the odd person disregards the origional question and tries to shoot down the starter of the thread. There are so many threads like that, and I never contribute to any of them, but i felt compelled to here.

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