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I want to include hill repeats into my training plan but don't want to travel miles (ie neighbouring Wales) to get to them - does anybody know of any steep hills / steps close to Chester - quite new to the area



  • Frodsham on sandstone trail. 

  • Or 15 mins train to delamere forest and you can run up and down old pale hill to your hearts content.

    Or bike path through chrster zoo.
  • A hill in the zoo?

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    There are several options, depends where you are.

    Steps- you can climb up any number of steps getting on and off the city walls.  If you go to the river at the groves, you can run up the wishing steps and around the waloff to the next set at the water tower, and back.

    any route up from the river to the city centre will give you a good climb.

    if you are near blacon there is Clifton Drive (locally known as Gorse Hill) but its a bit dodgy there.

    city centre is St Marys hill near Handbridge, short but steep.

    or you could do a circuit around the city taking in Canal St, Walpole st, Chichester street, Abbots Park. Liverpool road. 

    pm me if you want a few routes, I can't post the garmin traces from here.


  • Coming up sandy lane in Boughton too

  • Thanks for all of your ideas - Mr Puffy I'll work my way through those, sounds good


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