Beginner in need of a buddy

Hello everyone, this is my first ever post so hope I'm writing enough info image

I am interested in starting running and am nervous to go at it alone. I have started a desk job after two years of being on my feet in retail and have seen the weight start to creep on, I feel unfit and tired. I enjoy exercising outdoors, gyms don't appeal to me, which is why outdoor running sprung to mind.

I am an absolute beginner, so half way down the road and I'm red faced, out of breath and wondering "why am I doing this again?" lol image

So I am seeking a buddy that will be able to help coach me, or someone that is like me, and just needs that someone else to get them out the house and get started!



  • Sorry, forgot to add, I live in Angel Islington area image

  • Hi Katy check on the internet for a local running club. They may seem daunting but most clubs are split into sections for all abilities. You will probably find by contacting a few you will locate one that has similar runners to yourself. hope this helps.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Remember as a beginning the biggepromos take us going to quick, you can just make running motions barely faster then a fast walk, just getting moving is what it's all about image speed etc... Just cows with time being able to keep plodding alone is fine image

  • Katy,

    I'd second the idea of joining a club. After the initial anxiety of meeting new people etc it's great to share post run stories with similar minded folk.

    I've two other suggestions for you. Both of these helped me 'get out the door' on cold January nights!

    1: Couch to 5k. A great training plan designed for beginners, giving the reassurance that you're working at the right level.

    2: Parkruns. Once you've got a little confidence, try joining your local run, again great for meeting like minded souls.

    Lastly, whatever you decide, get out there and try to enjoy it!

    Good luck.

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