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I am running in the Brirish 10k in London in a couplee of weeks time. having just read the programme for the race it appears that there are no starting pens based on predicted finish times (unlike the recent BUPA London race which I took part in - excellent organisation on the day). it would appear that the starting positions are claimed on an individual  'first come first served basis'. 

I would welcome any advice or tips from anyone who has run or indeed will be running this race a fortnight today.



  • I'm in with a number of friends. As this is our first 'big event', we plan to enjoy the run, take in the sights and general have fun. Nobody is expecting great times as there will simply too many runners struggling for space.

    As for starting places, someone once told me to look at other's running shoes, as this tends to define those who run verses those who take part. However this may only hold true for shorter / more casual events like 'Run for Life'.

    Either way, have fun and good luck.

  • My advice is to research the race before entering.

    At least they have chips this year. They've not bothered with results in some years.

    I'd really not try a PB. Find a better smaller race to get a good time - thus will be too busy.

    Enjoy the run.
  • CWDCWD ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys - You're right, given the sheer numbers I think I'll just treat it as the grand running occasion that it is. I noticed that the chips are attached to the 'bib numbers' as opposed to the running shoe for this one.

    Enjoy the day TW!

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    The organisation is terrible so use it as an opportunity to look at the view image 

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