HBA Fusion 5K Series - Llanelli

Hi, Can anyone please confirm if the 2nd race in this series is on either Tuesday 2nd July or Thursday 4th July?

The main page on the race website advertises the race as the 4th, but when you click on the link to enter the race, the date given is 2nd July.

I'd hoped to run it but can only make the 4th! I see the 3rd in the serries is also the Welsh champs 5k which is good news image



  • Definitely confirmed for the 2nd of July, so tomorrow. HBA posted the change of date on their Facebook page.


  • Thanks Wimdows - had no internet access for past week so I only found out today. Might be too short notice tbh, but I will aim for a good time in the 3rd race of the series. Good luck to anyone running this tomorrow.

  • No worries. I've registered for tomorrow's event. Looks like the forecast is pretty awful. Rain and more rain. image

  • Good luck. Forecast is quite wet! might mean a lower turnout than usual as part of the enjoyment of this race is the post race chat & burger/hotdog on the playing fields. Have a good race.

  • Cheers, 'Life' - it'll be my first ever race...! image 

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