Just started running need advice

Hey I wondered if anyone can help me, I'm 30 I started running for the first time in my life 4 weeks ago! I started by running a mile with a small amount of walking eg when I felt I needed to, I've been going out 3-5 times a week since then the furthest I ran was 4 miles last week, yet today I went out and could only manage 1.5 miles I don't understand how it can vary so much I don't feel I can push myself as well as I could 4 weeks ago it felt more of a challenge then. I just feel its getting harder than easier .Also I haven't seen any weight loss if fact I weight more and feel fatter... Feel really deflated with it? I guess I'm going wrong somewhere


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    Going from not running to 5 times a week is a massive step change.

    Why not give yourself a few days rest and then at the most run 3 days a week for the next couple of months. The recovery time in between will enable you to improve.

    Also don't try and run every run flat out.
  • Hi Lianne,

    First off, well done!

    It sounds like you are running too often at the moment - I'd stick to 3 runs a week for now as it allows time for recovery between sessions. And check that you are not running too fast, it's a common mistake with beginners. Warming up beforehand will also help, even if it's just brisk walking for a few minutes.

    Also, sometimes you will have bad runs, it happens to everyone, usually for no particular reason. It's normal so don't let it discourage you. 

    Lastly, running isn't really the best form of exercise for weight loss so you might want to try other forms of exercise to help you with that. 

    Good luck!

  • I started running again 2.5 years ago after a 12 year break seeing myself go from 9 stone to 13.5 stone -  Firstly I full endorse what the others have said - run every other day rather and cut down on the speed -

    I found it took me about 5 months of running regularly before a noticed any real weight loss _ but I did also cut out stuff like cheese and chocolate - I also cut back on the amount I ate to do it - I have not got back down to 9 stone but then I am not running anywhere near the amouint I ran in the past - (approx 50% less) - keep going because although you may not feel that you are losing weight, you are probably losing fat - and firming up stuff that needs to be firmed up - good luck and enjoy.

  • Thank you that's encouraging! I've found it hard as there aren't any rules or guidelines as to what to do how much to do etc! And I feel a failure like I must be doing something wrong! If I dId 2 miles 3 times a week is that good ? Not enough too much?

  • Liane, have you tried looking up a 'couch to 5K' schedule? This will give you an idea of how to build up gradually so you don't injury yourself. I believe there's an app for it??? 

    When I started running ( and if I up my mileage now) I feel starving when I get back, and very virtuous, so its easy to then overeat,. This of course won't help with any weight loss!! Also at this sort of mileage you don't need any kind of sports drink (whatever the adverts would have you believe!) - that's just putting extra calories in that you aren't going to burn off.

    But well done on starting running - stick with it and you'll feel fabulous image

  • Yes I have downloaded that Infact.... I felt it was a backwards step as if I start at week one it seems more walking is involved..... than running, I'm pretty hard on myself like this morning only running 1.5miles feels like a complete fail image 

    I don't drink any sports drinks just water image

  • The typical man supposedly needs 2500 Kcals per day to maintain weight, and it's 2000 for a woman. (Note: if you weigh a lot this can increase, if you drive everywhere and sit down all day you may use less etc.... it's a rough guide).

    A mile run burns about 120 Kcals for me as a 6" bloke. 1Kg of weight loss requires about 7000 Kcals burned, so I'd need to run a fair few extra miles to burn off that spare tyre.

    Running helps, but if you want to lose weight over the long term you need to manage the diet. Count those calories and aim to lose 500Kcals per day, EVERY DAY. No alcohol, no cakes, and be patient.

    There are lots of receipes in the magazine and on here too, some of them are great. (My favourite is the chick pea curry).

    I agree with the above. Those first 200m when you think you're Mo Farah....we've all been there. A more comfortable pace will help get the miles in.

    I'd aim for 3/4 runs and 10 miles per week. You should be able to increase that in just weeks at your age.


  • Lianne Osborne wrote (see)

    Yes I have downloaded that Infact.... I felt it was a backwards step as if I start at week one it seems more walking is involved..... than running, I'm pretty hard on myself like this morning only running 1.5miles feels like a complete fail image 

    I don't drink any sports drinks just water image

    There are no rules that say you have to start on week one - start from wherever feels right for you!

  • Yes i suppose so! i guess i feel a bit lost as i dont know if what im doing is right or wrong, if you go to zumba you follow an instructor or if you go to the gym you have a personal trainer advising you! i just feel a bit stuck - im asthmatic as well so never want to push myself to hard image


  • Mind you, might not be a bad thing to start from an early wee - sounds like you've worn yourself out doing too much too soon. An easier week will keep the momentum going whilst giving you a bit of a rest. Don't forget, even if it says 'walk' its up to you how fast you walk it. 

  • well done Lianne! don't beat yourself up you are running! image 

    Have a read around the threads on here and you will quickly see you are not alone and many of us have a lot that can help.

    have a read of the thread "starting again from the beginning" myself and Grendel have been there for a couple of years now image nice crowd and loads and loads of advice and stories!

    Never give up and keep smiling! image

  • Well done and good effort so far.  I've been running now for about 2.5 years and still only run 3 times a week with cross training in between (Spinning, Circuits and Yoga).


    On the running front I would suggest sticking to 3 runs a week in order to give everything a break.  I built up gradually to doing the amount I do now whereas it looks like you have jumped in at the deep end.  Slowly add some other forms of exercise a walk or a cycle ride or some strengthening would be good compliments.  Only add one session in per week and then continue with this for a month before adding anything else.


    Now on the weight loss front having shed 6 stone I believe that diet and fitness go hand in hand so cut back on all the bad things (note I said cut back DON'T give anything up completely as you'll only binge on it when feeling low).  Also there will be times when the weight loss slows and even stops, this is normal and in my case was usually followed by a drop in dress size image  I set myself rules like alcohol only on "high days and holiday" and only taking cakes in the office if I really knew the person who provided them.


    Hopefully all the advice on here will help and you'll soon find your mojo again.  You could try signing up for a race to give you a goal and motivation, this really helped me.

    Good luck!



  • hi Lianne, I started running 5 weeks ago, and feel a lot like you.My Weight-loss has been fairly slow but its consistency that keeps it going and i found it took at least 2 weeks till i started to lose. Ive had to eat healthy, i occaisionally have a treat day, like a take-away, and have cut down alcohol a lotimage, which has helped i think improve the running.

    I  am still plodding away,but feel like I'm getting better, and i noticed that when I jogged to my car after work i wasnt out of puff!

    You sound like you are doing really well, and a 'bad-run' might be just your body letting you know its a bit tired.

    i dont know about you but i have found that sometimes I feel a bit scared before going out for a run, as i hope that I will do better than the time before, and i dont want to feel let down, so i now head out saying 'well i'll just try a little jog....' and see where that leads. I think a lot about starting to run is gaining confidence in your body's ability.

    4 miles is really good too, I've only just managed that (only the once mind) and felt epic!

    Well done, is all i can say.


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