Best Training To Get Faster 10k times

I started running at the beginning of 2013 and entered my first 10k in May with a time of 46:23. I trained 6-7 days every week after enjoying it so much and wanting to go faster. Exactly one month later my Yateley 10k (similar course) time was 44:26.

A week after this I quit smoking as I got more of a buzz from running then than I ever did when smoking. Im a 31 years old and have never raced before this year nor am I with a running club. Height 5 11" and weight 79kg. My current training is below:

Monday: Weights including core

Tuesday: Tempo run - 3-4 mile - 1 mile warmup - 1 mile warm down

Wednesday: Weights including legs

Thursday: Intervals 5 x 4minutes maximum effort 2 minutes moderate in between

Friday: Hill Runs 5 hills x 3 sets

Saturday: 5k Park Run (best time 20:50)

Sunday 10 mile long easy run

Any advice on the training would be great. Also a couple of questions

What is a realistic rate of improvement in speed? I expect I will begin to plateau when I am near 40:00 mark. I am really interested to know how quickly the body can condition itself to increases in speed if training, recovery and nutrition are perfect. Does anyone have any experiences/stories of improvement over a period of time?



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    The first things I noticed was

    1. No rest day. For someone who has only just started this year it seems like quite a jump. A rest should help you recover and perform better.

    2. All 5 runs seem to be sessions. Which is also a lot, even for the best runners. You need to do more easy running just to build your aerobic base up and then build on that.

    I try to do

    1x long run - at an easy pace

    1x interval or hill session

    1x temo run or parkrun.

    The rest of the time is spent doing easy mileage.

    Also try not to do your sessions on consecutive days. Have either a rest day or an easy day in between.
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