Knee pain when fully bent

Hi, just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and can advise what they think it may be.

I have had this for over a year now, I hurt one knee playing squash. All is fine normally, I can cycle no problem, run no problem (just aches after a while) and normal every day activity is fine, but when I bend my knee excessively such as squatting right down or climbing etc. then it hurts and if I try to do this movement quickly i.e. doing burpies, skipping or a similar movement I get a sharp pain. If I run or even walk quickly upstairs I also feel it.

I have been to a local physio who diagnoised that I was over pronating whilst running and also have a touch of hyper-mobility and gave me exercises to do. A running shop confirmed the over-pronation and I now have suitable footwear for running but despite this and the exercises my knee shows no sign of improvement. 

I did explain the specific symptoms to the physio but he didn't seem to pay a lot of attention to the particularities of the burpies / stairs etc. and after a couple of sessions has no more advice for me so I have stopped going.

I am just hoping someone recognises the symptoms before I approach a different physio for help?


  • Do you have any other symptoms other than pain? Any locking, clicking or giving way of the knee?

  • My first guess is that it could be a meniscal tear, but apart from pain, you don't have the typical symptoms. It still could be though, especially if the mechanism of injury was a twist of the knee when you hurt it playing squash? 

  • Might be best to see a doctor. If the physio suspects a meniscal injury, they would have to send you to a doctor anyway, so that you could have an MRI. 

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